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US and Fiji Only Countries Defending Israel at the ICJ

Jewish Problem US and Fiji Only Countries Defending Israel at the ICJ By infostormer  – February 21, 2024 4 52 countries are currently presenting evidence at the United Nations World Court also known as...

U.S. Fights For the British Nation of Which Israel Was Created By and is a Part of; U.S. Fights on the Wrong Side of EVERY War!

U.S. Fights Wars for the Synagogue of Satan.  It is true and it couldn’t be any worse than it is!  Here are the terrorists supporting Israel’s SLAUGHTER of innocent children.

Heart cells Have to Work 47% HARDER Leading to Dying Suddenly or Heart Failure

Songs From a MKULTRA About Life as a MKULTRA

We Are Headed Into a New World Disorder. An Extremely Fucked Up Situation Where Nothing Will Work As It Should Thanks to the Egomaniacal Criminals Who Run Things. World in Chaos – Lawlessness prevails as squatters steal private homes and China builds terminator robot armies The entire western world is breaking down into lawlessness and chaos, and the cities of America...

History of Eugenics Includes Rockefellers & Gates Family, WHO & the Soft Kill Vaccine All these Eugenicists are Satanists.  If you research enough you will find this to be true.


The False Opposition Serve the Elite Who Don’t Have YOUR Best Interests In Mind & That’s Putting It Mildly

All Controlled Opposition Belong to Secret Societies run by the Cabal.  This being said ALL BILLIONAIRES Are a Member of the Secret Societies;  you cannot be a Billionaire w/o the connections and Secret Society...

Very Interesting Interview Touching on a Wide Variety of Topics From Geopolitics, Covid Vaxx to Missing Children, Genocide of Palestinians; 9/11 Hoax

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