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NWO Globalist Cabal Now Assassinating Conservative Christian Political Candidates Worldwide Feature picture is Serbian poster showing U.S. as leader of forces of Satan (vassal countries have U.S. installed leaders) vs Christian Russia and countries with Russia breaking free of the Satanic British Empire....

COVID Shots are ‘Essentially Murder’ Says Honest Japanese Senior Cancer Doctor

Japan’s most senior cancer doctor: COVID shots are ‘essentially murder’ Dr. Masanori Fukushima has called on the World Health Organization to lead an investigation of the harmful outcomes of the COVID shots. Dr. Masanori...

The Mask is OFF! The U.S. is a Genocidal Country as is the U.K.

Foremost—To Stop a New Auschwitz in Gaza May 12, 2024 (EIRNS)—The nations of the world know that the people of Gaza have begun to starve, and are dying of exposure and disease; but instead...

Turn Off the TV When Eurovision Comes On Huge Protest Against Israel’s Participation in Eurovision Contest By infostormer  – May 11, 2024 The 2024 Eurovision contest is being held in Malmo, Sweden this year and Israel’s participation in it has drawn...

Zio Hag That Sodomized 11 Year Old Monarch Slave Criticizes Pro Palestine Protests

Zio-Hag Hillary Clinton Criticizes Pro-Palestine Protests Comment:  Satanic Secret Society Scumbag that caters to her war lords The Rothschilds.

Erdogan (Turkey) Blasts Israel as a Terrorist State Intent on Total Destruction of Gaza Actually he speaks the truth although his own reputation is none too savory.

Everyone Likes the U.S. Less & Less; Russia & China Focus on Infrastructure Building & Deal Making

Popularity of US is Collapsing Around the World British Empire includes all areas of Color.  The White Areas of Russia & China are NOT Part of the British Empire.

Politicians Propose Death Sentence For Anti-Israel Protestors

House GOP Bill Would Send Anti-Israel College Protesters to Gaza These politicians are NUTS. 12 GOP Senators Threaten ICC if They Prosecute Jews Ohio AG Threatens Masked Anti-Israel Protesters With Prison Time

HIV Aids Was Created in a Military Laboratory to Wipe Out Populations Around the Globe