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The Lie Factory (U.S. Fake Media) Like a Cancer Spread Globally

The US Brainwashes the World May 6, 2021 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article The US Brainwashes the World Paul Craig Roberts The American Establishment uses the presstitute lie machine to control the narrative for most...

Manipulating the Mind of the Masses

Comment: This is what our media is: Propaganda Bernays’ influenced. Mainly we are given black propaganda about foreign leaders and nations as well as outright LIES.

Congressman Massie Exposes Billion Dollar Vaccine Company Ties to Facebook’s Fact Checker

Congressman Exposes Billion Dollar Vaccine Company Ties To Facebook’s Fact Checker  POSTED ONAPRIL 28, 2021VACCINES×280&!2&fsb=1&xpc=2I85igEGAx&p=https%3A// 0 4 1 Like By Matt Agorist On Wednesday, Congressman Thomas Massie — who is known for calling it how he...

You MUST Be a Satanic Illuminati Puppet Or You Are NOT WELCOME!

Gervais Trolls Oscars After Not Being ‘Invited’ By Posting Golden Globes Monologue: ‘Was It Something I Said?’ ByDaily Wire News•Apr 25, 2021•FacebookTwitterMail Comedian Ricky Gervais reposted his viral monologue from the 2020 Golden Globe...

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