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Doctor Talks About Satanic Ritual Abuse, CIA, & Child Trafficking

CIA traffics child sex slaves to degenerate politicians who sexually abuse them.  CIA maintains control of our Degenerates this way having them compromised for the British Empire making all CIA involved in this TRAITORS!

Only Paedos are Allowed in Highest Positions in Amerika Cuz This Way CIA (Deep State) Controls Them Via Their Degeneracy

Comment:  The CIA runs the child prostitution rings and controls the media.   Could it be any clearer?  The Deep State also likes drug addicts (CIA distributes the drugs) and alcoholics because they will do...

Meet the Sinclairs!

The Canada Comedy Hour Presents: Meet the Sinclairs! or “Hide the bodies, you schmucks!” Featuring: Murray “Eats Many Muffins” Sinclair, surrendering to the police after being caught in flagrant delicto. Jim “Mister Denial” Sinclair, United...

Was Congresswoman Shaeffer a CIA HIT for Whistleblowing on Their Child Sex Trafficking Using CPS?

CIA routinely traffics children to our A Lister Pedophile Politicians as well as A List Hollywood Celebs.

Believe the Children; HW is FULL Of Pedophiles At It IS Controlled by Child Traffickers (CIA)

Tiffany Haddish Sued Again Over New Claims from Mother of Two Child Abuse Accusers Months After the Case Was Dismissed B

Here We Stand With Kevin & Colia

“The art of moving from protest to revolution” with Colia and Kevin Sunday, April 24 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on Colia Clark and Kevin Annett in New York City, 2018  ...

All Our Top Politicians Are PEDOPHILES…Pickton Pig Farm, CIA, Hollywood Celebs & Blackmail

GREGGFERSTAY6 days ago CHILD TRAFFICKING = 30 to 40,000+ children disappear each year in Canada and another 800,000+ in the United States – Who is doing these Crimes ? Most of the kids are...

P Diddy & Sex Cults the CIA Has Been Aiding Child Sex Trafficking…Hells Bells The CIA RUNS CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING THRU ITs’ Monarch /MKULTRA Projects

CIA does Child Trafficking to Politicians for Sex & Compromise videos on Politicians and Hollywood Stars.  Angie Jolie, P Diddy & Epstein all Worked for CIA/Mossad for the Satanic Gangsters running the United States.

About the Department of Defense/CIA Criminal Slave Assassin Program Called MKULTRA

The Entertainment Industry is FULL of SLAVES & Handlers. 126,728 views Mar 20, 2018 #mkultra #mindcontrol #hollywood Hollywood is a great source of entertainment and fun…except when their stars are mind-controlled! Elisa E, an...