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U.S. Supports This Satanic Criminal and He/Israel Are Behind the IT Outage

Assymetric Stealthy Warfare Coming to America (Illegal Immigrant Invasion) Funded by the Criminal psychopath George Soros and his fellow Banksters.  The CIA & State Dept. are definitely Involved.

Asian Countries & Asian People are the Whipping Boys of the Very EVIL Crime Cabal

Tokyo to provide $3.3 billion loan to Kyiv using frozen Russian assets 07/19/2024 // Richard Brown // 390 Views Tags: big government, conspiracy, Dangerous, economic riot, economic sanctions, European Union, finance riot, frozen assets, frozen funds, insanity, Japan, Kyodo, money supply, Moscow, national security, politics, reparation, Russia, Russia-Ukraine war, theft, traitors, Ukraine, WWIII Tokyo will provide 520 billion yen ($3.3 billion)...

Austin Private Wealth Was Betting on Trump’s Death (Shorting 12,000,000 Shares) and Stood to Make Millions If He Died

q The good news is if Austin Private Wealth goes Bankrupt from this Bad Bet.  LOL  Now they are trying to get out of their bad bets (lol) by claiming Clerical Error.  They should...