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Shows who really runs the world

Is There a Deep State Connections Between Waukesha Tragedy (WI) and the Rittenhouse Case? (Also in WI)

Comment: I believe there is as Black Lives Matter is a Deep State Creation Funded by the Nefarious Deep State Money Man George Soros a Hungarian “Jew” Zionist/Satanist Connected to the Rothschilds and other...

Like Ted Bundy Angie Jolie Loves Knives; She Is Not the Person Media Has You Believing She Is.

Angelina has several hobbies and one of them is collecting a variety of knives. Cut Her Boyfriend With a Knife: Angelina Jolie Revealed She Had Lost Her Virginity At 14 … The Maleficent actress was...

Shows who really runs the world

The Dollar Vigilante Has Great Clips in It But Berwick Shills For the “Jews” Who Created the Nazi’s Calling The Diabolical Deep State NAZI’s Ignoring the Controllers’ Who Are Khazars/ZIONISTS Who Call Themselves “Jews” & Are Not

Don’t panic!  Like when you hear the words ‘Crimson Contagion’…  Sounds almost poetic, doesn’t it? Almost like ‘booster shot’. I mean, health-food shops have told us for years that there is no more quick...

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