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Category: IRAN

Coronavirus Fits the CIA Blueprint For Global Pandemic

Author`s name Lyuba Lulko 23.03.2020 20:20 COVID-19 pandemic was described in 2005 CIA report about the world in 2025 World » Americas An interpretation of the CIA report from 2005 about the world in 2020 is getting viral...

United States of Satan Talking About Human Rights? Give Me a Break! No Human Rights For Missing Children Fed Into Sadistic Sodomite Rings Ever!

INTERNATIONALOMAR SOBHANI / REUTERS ‘A gentleman’s club for psychopaths’: The world reacts to report on CIA Beijing says torture revelations a ‘turning point’ in US rights diplomacy; black site countries ponder their role December...

ILLMINATI Secrets: America [Militarily Used] to Further Luciferian Agenda Towards New World Order


Zionist U.S. as Part of British ZIONIST Empire as Modern Day Pirates The Modern Day Pirates On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Mohammad Marandi, an expert on American studies and postcolonial literature who teaches at the...

US Taxpayers Paid for 5,000 Cans of Spray Paint Used by Student “Activists” (Paid Vandals) to Scrawl Anti-Milošević Graffiti on Walls Across Serbia.

CIA Backed Color Revolutions (In Service to Zionist [Six Pointed Star] Empire) The Dishonest Career of the Remarkable Srđa Popović (For Profit Activism) By F. William EngdahlGlobal Research, October 03, 2017New Eastern Outlook 1 October 2017Region: EuropeTheme: History, Intelligence, US...

No Media Endorses Me B/C They are Afraid of My Content: CIA Satanic Pedophilia-This IS The Deep State

Of course, none of this sounds unfamiliar to those who know of CIA PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA.  I have been drugged, abducted, hypnotized, and raped by the goons at CIA.  So have my mother, my daughter,...


Child Rapists Laugh, Boast & Brag About Their Vile Crimes-Where’s the Media? This Needs to Be Looked Into…Conspiracy But Needs Proof

Satanic Lady Gaga Promotes Panda Eyes. She has also been accused of throwing her collaborator “Off the Roof” by her ExBoyfriend who says she didn’t pay him for the work he did.

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