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Pfizer VP Blows Whistle (MUST SEE!): Vaccine Designed to Cause Lucrative Health Issues

America’s Wars Against the World

John Pilger on the Coming War. Speak Up, Now! “America has Gone to War with the World”. May 1, 2023

Assymetric Stealthy Warfare Coming to America (Illegal Immigrant Invasion) Funded by the Criminal psychopath George Soros and his fellow Banksters.  The CIA & State Dept. are definitely Involved.

The Truth About the MONEYCHANGERS

The United States Stands On the Edge of Destruction & It IS ALL The Fault of U.S. Policymakers

Judaic Synagogue of Satan aka British Empire makes our policies and TAVISTOCK Funds the policy making foundations to the tune of BILLIONS.

UN is Controlled by Criminals Using it To Enrich Themselves-All Countries Need to EXIT THE UN!

Dark Secrets of the United Nations Revealed By Top Official United Nations is a Bad Organization With Great PR.  They were started by the Crime ring of Rockefellers the Most Evil Ruthless Oil men...

Boeing Guilty of CRIMINAL Fraud

Boeing Pleads Guilty to Fraud Involving 737 Max Crashes Comment:  It may soon be safer to fly again as Boing is put under investigation and inspections.  For sure Many Unsafe planes should  be Grounded...

U.S. Gov’t Is Run By Organized Crime AKA The British Empire Which Created Israel