Category: Social Engineering

Security Specialist Exposes a Social Engineering Program-Voice to Skull Technology Which is Patented; This is NOT Russia-It is the USA! Here is a Bill Gates Dream Come True!

Comment: I bet Bill Gates and Microsoft are involved in this as he is in Seattle, Washington as well as the CIA cuz the CIA has LONG Been Involved in Brain Washing & Brain...

Raping Babies & Killing Children; All in a Day’s Work At the CIA

Kinsey tortured (and possiblykilled) children in mental hospitals with the blessing of the CIA. (Page 38)

Kinsey Sex & Fraud; Pictured Degenerate Children’s Reading Hour Which Kinsey Made Possible With His Evil Social Revolution

Liberalism the U.S. Military & Geopolitics

ACH (1764) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Is Liberalism Blasphemy? achitchcockApr 21In today’s show originally broadcast on April 21 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, “Is Liberalism Blasphemy?”We...

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