Security Specialist Exposes a Social Engineering Program-Voice to Skull Technology Which is Patented; This is NOT Russia-It is the USA! Here is a Bill Gates Dream Come True!

Comment: I bet Bill Gates and Microsoft are involved in this as he is in Seattle, Washington as well as the CIA cuz the CIA has LONG Been Involved in Brain Washing & Brain...

America is Devolving From Killing Everyone Overseas to Killing Each Other as the Blood Spattered Empire Cannibalizes Itself

Killing for the Sake of It: The Grisly Reality of the Failing US Empire Mired in financial collapse, moral decay, and lack of leadership & direction, the last sole superpower is lashing out in...

Raping Babies & Killing Children; All in a Day’s Work At the CIA

Kinsey tortured (and possiblykilled) children in mental hospitals with the blessing of the CIA. (Page 38)

Kinsey Sex & Fraud; Pictured Degenerate Children’s Reading Hour Which Kinsey Made Possible With His Evil Social Revolution

U.S., NATO on Behalf of British Empire Aim to Destroy Russia’s Military and Russia Herself

US, NATO dangerously aim to destroy Russia’s military Comment: NATO was created with the AGENDA of Keeping RUSSIA OUT, Amerika IN and Germany DOWN. NATO is run by the Jewish Mafia with American Taxpayer’s...

Why the British Empire Needs WW3 to Bring in the Great Financial Reset & New World Order

Department of Homeland [In]Security Comment: Department of Homeland Security was created by the Bush Criminals on Behalf of the ZIONIST British Empire. This phony LIAR is running this Stasi-Gestapo Operation. When It doesn’t work these scum will...

The British Are Behind the Great Reset

Comment: Don’t agree with Diane’s statements about vaccines and vaccinations. Feel they are CLOT shots to kill us all. Not buying into COVID Vaxxes at All!

How the Illuminati Cabal Controls Our World

Comment: Rothschilds have a central bank in all but three countries…they are at the top of the Satanic illuminati as are British Royals and Dutch Royals along with Rockefellers

Child Sex Abuse is Akin to Shattering a Child’s Soul. It is not Only Mental Murder it is Spiritual Devastation as Well. I Think Satan Himself Created Child Sexual Abuse. is Committed to Ending ORGANIZED Child Sex Abuse by the Satanic Empire. CIA Massively Sexually Abuses Children & CIA Controls Amerika.

America is run by the Synagogue of Satan which places their assets in leading positions in all aspects of our MEDIA, D.C. politicians, Actors/Actresses & Government. They do this by selecting deviants to promote....

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