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Monthly Archive: June 2017

Satanyahu: “America is a Golden Calf…We Will Suck it Dry…What We Do to Countries We HATE!”

Bibi: “America is a Golden Calf..we will suck it dry…what we do to countries we HATE!” BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 5, 2016 · UPDATED NOVEMBER 5, 2016 Apr30 Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu: “If We Get Caught … “ Share5...

Last Chance For Geopolitical Cooperation or Else It’s WW3!

Putin-Trump G20 Meeting to Become the Key to the Future of US-Russian Relations © AFP 2017/ Savo PRELEVIC POLITICS 21:26 30.06.2017(updated 21:28 30.06.2017)Get short URL 325360 The first ever Putin-Trump meeting could become the key to the future of Russian-American relations, Russian political analyst Anatoly Petrenko...

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