About the Department of Defense/CIA Criminal Slave Assassin Program Called MKULTRA

The Entertainment Industry is FULL of SLAVES & Handlers.

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Hollywood is a great source of entertainment and fun…except when their stars are mind-controlled! Elisa E, an MK Ultra survivor, explains how Hollywood uses trauma-based exercises to trigger and breakdown celebrities from actors, musicians and everything in between to create psyops and control regular people. Visit Elisa E’s Website: http://bit.ly/2gcw05M Visit Our Patreon Page: https://goo.gl/H3sFhD United Intentions Media Network is the home of innovative, uncensored, conscious media. We’re bringing awareness to forward thinkers, controversial topics, alternative health and wellness, spirituality, education and much more. So, viewers like you can live your highest, most informed life. Raise Your Frequency. Follow UI Media Network: ╰   / uimedianetwork    / uimedianetw.  . ╰   / tim-ray-s.  . ╰   / uimedianetwork   To be on our show or offer suggestions, email us! contact@unitedintentions.org

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