Elon Musk Interviews RFK Jr.; Our Politicians Must Sign Contracts With Constituents On How They Will Handle Issues & Resign If They Don’t Honor Them

Re: “Focus on Rothschild wealth has whiff of anti-Semitism”, Have Your Say, June 27.

In reply to Alf Haupt’s misconceived letter regarding the Rothschild clan, two quotes should help set the record straight and erase his rather insidious accusation of anti-Semitism – the classic exclamation made whenever the slightest critique is expressed regarding the Rothschilds.
The first comes from Mayer Amschel Rothschild:
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
The second is from Gutle Schnaper Rothschild (mother of five sons residing in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples respectively):
“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” 

00:00 Introduction and RFK Background 00:52 Discussion on Censorship and Free Speech 07:38 Impact of Social Media on Free Speech 11:54 The Role of Democracy and Free Speech 17:34 The Influence of Corporations on Media 21:40 The Future of AI and its Implications 27:20 The State of American Democracy 39:01 The Challenges of Immigration and Border Control 43:11 The Evolution of the Democratic Party 55:04 The Future of US-China Relations 56:41 The Aftermath of the Cold War and Military Spending 57:32 The U.S. and China: A Need for Dialogue 57:42 Rebuilding the U.S. Industrial Base 58:30 The Global Perception of U.S. Foreign Policy 59:16 De-escalating Military Tensions and Fostering Peace 59:44 The Importance of Diplomacy in Foreign Policy 01:01:30 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Global Politics 01:02:24 The Threat of Bioweapons and the Need for Global Regulation 01:03:53 The Need for Global Cooperation in Regulating Technology 01:04:27 The Role of the President in Protecting Humanity 01:04:55 The Role of the CIA and the Need for Transparency 01:05:59 The Importance of Peaceful Economic Competition 01:06:59 The Controversy Surrounding Bio Labs in Ukraine 01:26:03 The Impact of the Devaluation of Treasuries on the Financial System 01:32:34 The Second Amendment and Gun Control 01:41:29 The Future of Energy Policy Check out the original Spaces recording here – https://x.com/JamesMelville/status/16… Get fit! Mention FARZAD when asking for a quote for a custom-built nutrition and fitness plan: https://www.teamevolveperformance.com/ Join this channel to get access to perks:    / @farzyness   Use my referral link to purchase a Tesla product https://ts.la/farzad69506 I worked at Tesla starting in July of 2017 as an Operations Analyst out of the Bethlehem, PA distribution center facility and left as a Program Manager based out of Austin, TX as of September 2021. I spent most of my time in the distribution and supply chain organizations. Before Tesla, I was a Director of Business Intelligence and Pricing at the largest Pet Food & Supply distributor in the US, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies based out of Easton, PA. My wife and I also owned a small business in Bethlehem, PA between 2016 and 2019. I have been a shareholder of Tesla since 2012 and currently own Tesla stock. My thoughts are my own and are not representative of everyone who currently works, or has worked at Tesla. If you like this content I would greatly appreciate your likes and shares! www.farzadmesbahi.com www.linkedin.com/in/farzadmesbahi Twitter @farzyness #elonmusk #robertfkennedyjr #rfkjr #rfk #presiden2024 #politics #uspolitics

Comment:  The U.S. is run by Insane, Criminals who want WW3 and will be Hiding in Bunkers while we the people are bombed.  This is the mentality of the criminals running the U.S. who answer to the British Rothschild Empire.

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