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Category: British Monarchy

Criminals in Action (CIA)

The CIA: Criminals in Action [Editor’s Note: It’s important to recall the deathbed revelations made by ex-Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny in late 1999 to Eric Bermen, author of The Bush Connection. Skorzeny told Bermen that he, Skorzeny, and Nazi-infiltrated...

The Zionist Oligarchs/Wall Street Make U.S. Foreign Policy on Behalf of the Zionist British Empire…Criminal Syndicate

Comment: These Zionists are in Actuality the Synagogue of Satan but sadly unawake sheeple cannot tolerate ANY criticism of the EVIL crime Syndicate called their gov’t and ignore the atrocities committed against foreignors.


Comment: FEINKENSTEIN is a Democratic Zionist. LOL. The Democratic Zionists do not want President Trump in office. The Democratic Zionists include Hollywood Democrats, the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton, Barack O’Bama The British House...

“Canadian Crown Agent” [of British Empire] Firm Dominion Voting System Rigged Votes For Fraud & Biden Win

“Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud as Guiliani says whistleblowers coming forwardBy JD Heyes | Read the full story grace powers 1.96K...

Biden Represents Wall Street Banksters While We Will STARVE!

Which Way for the U.S.A.? As Americans vote today, they will be choosing between two vastly different directions for the future. Will the imperial global, neo-liberal War Hawk faction take back the White House,...

ZERCO is the Crown Corporation Controlling FEMA Camps, Facial Recognition and 40 Other Transnational Criminal Corporations

Comment: Proof that the Crown Corporation & ZERCO are hand in glove and at the top are the British illuminati Satanic Royals.

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