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Raping Babies & Killing Children; All in a Day’s Work At the CIA

Kinsey tortured (and possiblykilled) children in mental hospitals with the blessing of the CIA. (Page 38)

Kinsey Sex & Fraud; Pictured Degenerate Children’s Reading Hour Which Kinsey Made Possible With His Evil Social Revolution

Kinsey’s Degenerate Sex Experiments on Babies and Young Children Connected to the CIA; CIA Crimes Include Murdering Children. Here is the Evidence.

Connecting“Sex Scientist”Kinsey with MKULTRA The evidence to suggest Kinsey’s work was part of Gottlieb’s MKULTRA program, and the evidence to show many of these MKULTRA were funded by RF with funds sometimes funneled through an intermediary organization,...

Here We Stand With Rev. Kevin D. Annett

Here We Stand with Rev. Kevin D. Annett – press to listen live –Call In Live to 888-627-6008 or 323-744-4831to speak to Hosts/Guests during show hoursAudio: *** SCROLL DOWN to Listen to SHOW ARCHIVES ** Talk Show:Here...

How the Illuminati Cabal Controls Our World

Comment: Rothschilds have a central bank in all but three countries…they are at the top of the Satanic illuminati as are British Royals and Dutch Royals along with Rockefellers

Child Sex Abuse is Akin to Shattering a Child’s Soul. It is not Only Mental Murder it is Spiritual Devastation as Well. I Think Satan Himself Created Child Sexual Abuse. is Committed to Ending ORGANIZED Child Sex Abuse by the Satanic Empire. CIA Massively Sexually Abuses Children & CIA Controls Amerika.

America is run by the Synagogue of Satan which places their assets in leading positions in all aspects of our MEDIA, D.C. politicians, Actors/Actresses & Government. They do this by selecting deviants to promote....

News Including Mike Tyson’s Claim Rich People (Satanists) Hunting Homeless For Fun!

Comment: Elon Musk is part of the Cabal which includes the Deep State & the Military Industrial Complex at the behest of the British Empire.

CIA Murdering Dissidents in Ukraine

CIA Behind Secret Plots to Kidnap, Torture and Assassinate Ukrainian Dissidents for President Zelensky, says Ukraine Defector By Jeremy Kuzmarov – April 25, 2022 7 Techniques of Torture and Assassination Deployed by the SBU (Ukraine’s CIA) Recall the...

Global Research

Global Research

View All Articles This Week’s Most Popular Articles Biggest Lie in World History: The Data Base Is Flawed. There Never Was a Pandemic. The COVID Mandates Including the Vaccine Are InvalidProf Michel Chossudovsky, March 23,...

Victoria Nuland’s AZOV Nazi’s Makes Ukrainian Hero Into Their Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

← POLITICAL DISASTER! Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been removed from officeMUST VIEW! The Nation of Serbia Prays for Russia (Videos) → Comment: Burning people to Death is like a tribute to the Satanic Moloch....

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