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NWO Globalist Cabal Now Assassinating Conservative Christian Political Candidates Worldwide Feature picture is Serbian poster showing U.S. as leader of forces of Satan (vassal countries have U.S. installed leaders) vs Christian Russia and countries with Russia breaking free of the Satanic British Empire....

Doctor Talks About Satanic Ritual Abuse, CIA, & Child Trafficking

CIA traffics child sex slaves to degenerate politicians who sexually abuse them.  CIA maintains control of our Degenerates this way having them compromised for the British Empire making all CIA involved in this TRAITORS!

Only Paedos are Allowed in Highest Positions in Amerika Cuz This Way CIA (Deep State) Controls Them Via Their Degeneracy

Comment:  The CIA runs the child prostitution rings and controls the media.   Could it be any clearer?  The Deep State also likes drug addicts (CIA distributes the drugs) and alcoholics because they will do...

Slovakian PM Almost Assassinated For Representing His Country As Opposed to the Cabal (Synagogue of Satan)

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot in Public Comment:  The shooter is likely an MKULTRA or an Assassin from the  Rothschild Assassination Group of Permindex.

Meet the Sinclairs!

The Canada Comedy Hour Presents: Meet the Sinclairs! or “Hide the bodies, you schmucks!” Featuring: Murray “Eats Many Muffins” Sinclair, surrendering to the police after being caught in flagrant delicto. Jim “Mister Denial” Sinclair, United...

America is Finally Getting WW3 as They Wanted Including Getting Their Own Populations NUKED!

Evelina Sip drSsetpnooaalihli3muhhif04h0l602tgg519f0iut15t0c57ht51m0773a  ·  RUSSIA will NUKE AMERICA , UK and FRANCE if US/ NATO TROOPS go to UKRAINE : PUTIN- ”WHY do WE NEED a WORLD ,if RUSSIA’s NOT in IT?”RUSSIAN President Vladimir PUTIN...

Christian ZIONISTS Alliance With the Synagogue of Satan

HIV Aids Was Created in a Military Laboratory to Wipe Out Populations Around the Globe

Like Mafia Thugs, US Senators THREATEN ICC Judges and Their Family Members Over imminent Netanyahu arrest warrant Comment:  Synagogue of Satan member Netanyahu MUST be ARRESTED!!!