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Criminals in Action (CIA)

The CIA: Criminals in Action [Editor’s Note: It’s important to recall the deathbed revelations made by ex-Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny in late 1999 to Eric Bermen, author of The Bush Connection. Skorzeny told Bermen that he, Skorzeny, and Nazi-infiltrated...

Smartmatic Voting Fraud is the Crown Jewel of British Empire & Yes the Election WAS Stolen By These Zionists

Comment: Sidney Powell Correctly Pointed out CIA’s Involvement in the Corruption & Was Promptly FIRED by Trump For Telling the Truth. This Shows the CIA Owns Trump and Has Something Shitty on Trump in...

Avril Haines Protected All Torturers & Made Sure ONLY Their Victims Suffered Now in Top Position as Director of National Intelligence-Biden’s Appointed Satanic Criminal in Chief-Hypocrisy is Stunning From Amerika Always Claiming Moral High Ground!

Up for consideration as leader of America’s most sociopathic government agency is Obama’s former CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines, who protected all perpetrators implicated in a Senate report on CIA torture from suffering any consequences for their unspeakable...

Alex Jones is CIA & So Are Most of Alternative Media and ALL of Mainstream Media; CIA Corrupts ALL OUR MEDIA

blob: dprogramdotnetPublished 2 years ago | CommentsSUBSCRIBE (36)Published January 13th, 2019 – Know More News with Adam Green

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