Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift, Toxic Twins Promoting Toxic Vaxxes (Why They R Promoted HEAVILY)

Now Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is making headlines as Taylor Swift’s current paramour, is the latest — and buzziest — pharma spokesperson. In a campaign promoted by Pfizer, he encourages people to get a “twofer”—a Covid shot and flu shot at the same time.Nov 2, 2023

Taylor Swift ENDORSED Biden:


In 2020, she endorsed President Joe Biden and spoke out against President Donald Trump, who was then in office. Swift has continually encouraged fans to register to vote, and last September, her post on Instagram led to a surge in registrations on where, at the time, the website was averaging 13,000 users every 30 minutes.

Comment:  When Celebrities or Illuminati Puppets do as they’re told they are promoted heavily as the Illuminati Cabal controls our Media, VAXXES, Politicians and Installed Biden.  In Short Our Entertainment Cabal Puppets are PAID to work Against us being Politically Corrupted.  These puppets work for a foreign power:  The British Monarchy & Empire also known as The Cabal or The Synagogue of Satan.

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