Tavistock Sued by 1,000 Families Over Gender Identity ‘Service’ (Destruction)

Tavistock Gives Direction to ALL U.S. Intelligence Services, 450 DOW Corporations, and practically all agencies of the U.S. Gov’t.  Basically it’s social engineering by the evil Synagogue of Satan aka British Empire of degenerate, pedophile loving Royalty with their Satanic Banksters.  The little boy pictured in a parade wearing a skirt is Tavistock in action.

In 1993, Prince announced that he would no longer go by the name Prince, but rather by a “Love Symbol” which was a mash-up of the gender symbols for man and woman. “It is an unpronounceable symbol whose meaning has not been identified.Apr 22, 2016

Why did Prince change his name to a symbol? - Vox

The more a celebrity goes along with Tavistock AGENDAS the more that celebrity is heavily promoted.  Think Angie Jolie and Taylor Swift.  Look at what they promote:  Tavistock in action promoting Bisexuality, homosexuality, trannies, open borders (Angie), etc.  Both are Sociopaths.


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