LaRouche aide Tony Papert charged that the gay rights movement is controlled by a “network of pederastic satanists” who kidnap children for use as “human sacrifices” in “rituals that often feature cannibalism.”

From My Research I see this is Actually TRUE.  Sources:

Confessions of a DC Madam by Henry Vinson

Henry Vinson Exposes the CIA involvement in child trafficking, child porn and child snuff rings involving politicians who liked to murder children for entertainment…..Herbert the Pervert Bush or Poppy was one of them but many more were and are involved as Tory Smith exposed before mysteriously dying.

Comment:  John DeCamp Senator at the time exposed a nationwide ring of Satanic Pedophiles murdering and raping children based in District of Columbia, D.C.  They all got away with their heinous crimes which were all covered Up by the Crooked Leadership of the FBI and Secret Service amongst others.  The violent crimes of these Sadistic Pedophiles included raping and murdering a boy at Bohemian Grove where Perverted Orgies were held and Rooms with Perverted Themes were supplied to our perverted Politicians and World Mis-Leaders.  They All belong to Secret Societies and represent them not us.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


At  7 minutes 20 seconds he repeats Herbert the Pervert’s statement he wants children raped as much as possible saying “fully loaded” with as much semen as possible.

Gregory Francis Zoeller is an American lawyer who served as the 42nd attorney general of the U.S. state of Indiana from 2009 to 2017. A Republican, he was elected in November 2008, defeating Democrat …

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Satanic Mind Control Slavery Courtesy of CIA & Military Intelligence

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