Henry Kissinger is dead at 100. He was an old Jew who played a significant role in America’s foreign policy as US Secretary of State when Richard Nixon was president.


He’s best known for helping open up trade with China which ultimately resulted in them turning into the superpower they are today. The industry that once existed in the US was largely moved into China because of his initial efforts.

He was also involved in pushing to bomb Cambodia during the Vietnam War. He basically prolonged that war only to get a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in concluding it.


He spent much of his later years pushing for globalism and making statements about a “New World Order” etc..

His influence on America’s foreign policy was overwhelmingly negative. What’s interesting is that as bad as he was, he almost seems reasonable compared to the Jews running things now. Kissinger was much more pragmatic and thoughtful than the insane Jews controlling the levers in 2023 and that’s a testament to how stupid and ridiculous the current Jewish ruling class is.

Overall, Kissinger won’t be missed. There was no reason for this Jew having such influence over American foreign policy for such a long time.

Comment:  Scumbag who shoulda been treated the way he treated children.

Comment:   Harley Schlanger outlines how Henry Kissinger worked with a Foreign Power-The British undermining America.

Below is on the REAL Kissinger being a homosexual obsessed with the younger men/boys.