Talmudic (Zionist) Devils Want to Destroy BRICS Challenge to British ‘Dark Age’ System-NATO Bases Part of Zionist System

Michael Fallon wants to blame Russia for New Venice’s desires for World War III to destroy the BRICS challenge to the British ‘Dark Age’ System

Michael Fallon wants to blame Russia for New Venice’s desires for World War III to destroy the BRICS challenge to the British ‘Dark Age’ System

By : The Unhived Mind – 28th June 2017

a reply based against this article; UK prepared to retaliate against cyberattackers with troops, airstrikes – Fallon


New Venice (Britain) Empire Tyrants; Fallon, Stoltenberg & Mattis


I’ve said before that the British have been creating the Russian bogeyman narrative from start to finish with the constant goal of attempting to keep their plantation United States from achieving a close working relationship with the Russian Federation. Since the 19th Century and the days of both the American President, Abraham Lincoln and the Russian Czar Alexander II, we’ve seen the British constantly attempt to separate these powers in order to control the West vs East divide and conquer geopolitics. The British monetary dark age is irreversibly bankrupt and about to fully collapse (probably as close as Sept-Oct 2017 which times neatly into the Project Lucifer attempts to explode the planet Saturn on September 15th 2017). Finally the days of the British run dark age (New World Order) are now over as the Promethean system known as the BRICS and the One Belt, One Road initiative take over with a win-win, no-war, prosperity system under a multi-polar world (New World Economic Order) based on the original American System which the British and Talmudic devils detest with a passion. So we’ve had the British stirring the pot for years constantly blaming Russia for everything under the sun and especially all the recent so-called hacking attacks everything from the DNC (wide open and leaked from the inside [Seth Rich]) to soon your local pond cleaner timer linked to a Raspberry pi in your backyard.  Everything has to be blamed on Russia to demonize this great moral and Christian based nation run by real leadership under the direction of the great Vladimir Putin.  The Russian President is the only true leader of worth in the Western world today and one who fights tooth and nail against the agendas of the Satanic Talmudic El worshippers controlling the West through New Venice.  The Talmudic devils must at all times try to keep a secret the amazing ‘Miracle of Russia’.

The idea of this constant Russophobic mantra spew from Mi6 and its offshoot CIA (created by Sir William Stephenson) through its Ziopress (BBCNews, CNN, MSNBC etc) is simply to program the minds of the goyim victims along the way towards a final goal of a given narrative or an angle of a narrative such as hacking. I’ve often said that Russia will be blamed for an electrical grid take down (the reason for all the ‘Blackout’ programs shown across the globe on television not to mention why is Britain putting up all these radio signal aerials on every electrical substation claiming they can now reset from a distance the substations during a power cut?  I’d go as far as to say they can turn them off and claim hacks, EMPs or solar flares and you would never know the difference) or similar in order to enact another unjust war claiming the false flag cyberattack was an ‘Act of War’. We see from the above article that this New Venice (Britain) warmonger Michael Fallon hints at militarily attacking Russia and makes the scaremongering false challenge of Article V of the MI6/Royal Institute of International Affairs created NATO armed forces aka the World (New Venice) Army. Britain’s new military budgets may be large whilst Russia’s isn’t so impressive but Russia doesn’t over spend on backward and already countered U.S. weapons which continue to feed a false geopolitics war system from hell (Defense Industrial Security Command [DISC] based in Denver, Colorado connected to FBI Division Five [James Comey and Co aka deep state aka shadow government]). Russia can spend far less on its military budget and still be a minimum decade ahead of the competition.  Why do you think Drumpf has dramatically raised the U.S Military budget?  Drumpf and his tyrant generals like numb-nuts Mattis know all too well that Russia is over ten years in advance to them maybe even further ahead.

Fallon and other idiots like to brag about buying and running this F-35 fighter jet from Lockheed Martin even though everyone outside the Empire simply laughs at this pathetic aircraft which isn’t event fit for any purpose. I guarantee if you put a F-35 up against the latest Sukhoi aircraft then the F-35 will take a beating like they’ve never even imagined. There’s no multi-purpose fighter jet that can do all the individual roles well, it’s almost impossible and this F-35 is the worst of the worst and look at how much it has cost the U.S taxpayer? Is it any wonder U.S cities are bankrupt? How about British cities riddled with crime, homelessness and poverty whilst the UK Government and Ministry of Defence spend billions on the military but ignore pensions, education, jobs and everything which produces real growth (zero growth society of the Club of Rome) and a good society. The over-hyped Royal Air Force was destroyed in a 12-0 whitewash set of victories by the Indian Air Force who used Sukhoi aircraft during the Indradhanush exercises in 2015. Britain is so up itself it even planned a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia in the third week of March back in 2014 which Putin countered a few months earlier when he initiated the dead man system which was originally created to counter NATO back in 1983. Britain actually believed they could attack Russia and get away with it whilst just creating a short nuclear exchange in Eurasia.

The British live in cloud cuckoo land and must be understood for what they really are which is nothing other than psychopath Talmudic devils and shabbos goy continuing the Synagogue of Satan practices going back to the Satanic ancient land of Samaria which later continued into Venice prior to completely taking over Britain. Russia can defeat the New Venice Empire’s world army NATO in a matter of seventy-two hours and render the entire Trans-Atlantic war forces shut down using advanced weaponry like that of Keshe’s Khibiny magrave and Borisoglebsk-2 technologies (proven against the likes of the USS Donald Cook). The time is now over when New Venice’s Bombardier (9/11 conspirator) was the king of the electronic warfare block, Russia is the new king and light years ahead of the competition with its new ‘peace’ weapons.

Britain’s GCHQ knows that itself and its offshoot NSA both cyber-attack nations and spoof IP addresses from elsewhere using the likes of Marble and similar as exposed by the #Vault7 wikileaks documents. No one can take these organizations serious any more as they constantly lie/cheat and this is why all their tricks have been outed since the Internet came out leading to the outright collapse of the British run system and its constant scams for gatekeeperism.

The Talmudic powers of Friends of Israel and all the shabbos goy including the New Doge (QEII) should all be overthrown and locked away in jail on life sentences for their treason and actions.  Those devils who’ve murdered people by the action of their words and pens should be sentenced to death by a court of law using English Common Law not British Admiralty merchant piracy fake laws (legalese). It’s now time for real English leadership within Britain and it’s time for the British Constitution to come first for once. It’s time for leaders outside of Israeli influence and its definitely time to remove all forms of this politics controlling Friends of Israel which even UKIP has now got a division within.  You wont see any political party get close to power positions and success unless they first submit to the Talmudic devils and have a Friends of Israel infiltration, therefore don’t hold your breath of ever seeing a British Constitutional Group surge into the Ziomedia spotlight any time soon.  It’s now time for Britain to join the BRICS and drop the dark age and geopolitical backwardness.

The start of this real revolution in Britain could start with the Grenfell Tower fire by immediately admitting up to five-hundred and twenty-six or more people have been killed by the Government and their penny pinching and backward austerity measures.  Don’t be fooled into following Comrade Corbyn as he’s nothing more than a communist and we all know that it was the Talmudic devils who both funded (Wall Street) and executed the Bolshevik Revolution which slaughtered sixty-six million Russian Christians in the early 20th Century leading to the creation of the Soviet Union.  When will Russian families get reparations from the Talmudic devils for their mass slaughter of the Russians?  Interesting how you hear about the holocaust day in and day out but not the slaughter of eleven times the amount of the so-called figure of deaths during the holocaust (a complete fabrication).  Notice how you hear regular about the Armenian Genocide when the Talmudic ones wish to attack the Turks, but the Talmudic devils wont tell you how Armenia was the base of the British Sabbatean Frankist attack against the Ottoman Empire.

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