Trump States “Liberal Jews [of the British Empire are] Destroying America”

Trump Says Liberal Jews are Destroying America

Comment:  The British Royals are Saxe-Coburg -Gotha Jewish as are the ZIONISTS in Britain and America.  This mob is a Crime Syndicate and any crime will do as long as they make money!  They are Unfathomably wealthy and as EVIL as they are wealthy.  The British Royals are German speaking descendants of PIRATES and not even English.  They are fakes and frauds who are raping the English and American Peope with Obscenely high Taxes.  They rape, torture & murder around Planet Earth.  They have starved to death Africans over and over again.  They have bombed most of the Middle East for a Greater Israel.  Pillaging Americans thru taxes and political corruption they have indebted Americans to the tune of $33 TRILLION dollars which cannot be paid.



Jews are very angry that Donald Trump put out a statement saying that liberal Jews are destroying America.



While I appreciate Trump’s statement, he isn’t 100 percent correct. That’s because it isn’t liberal Jews that are destroying America, it is just Jews that are destroying America.

Every horrible destructive agenda that we see happening in this country is a direct result of Jews. Just look at the Joe Biden White House. Almost every key position is held by a Jew and they have 100+ Jews working as staff members inside of it. It’s utterly ridiculous what these Jews have done.

Jews also engage in all sorts of subversive agendas across the political spectrum. Take in point Jews like Ben Shapiro or Mark Levin who pretend to be “conservative” to misdirect people away from Jews as the cause of their problems.

Or in the case of Trump himself, look what his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner did to his presidency. That rat did all sorts of fucked up shit to undermine his America First agenda. It basically became an Israel First agenda towards the end.

Our problems center totally around Jews. This is just a statement of fact.

US National Debt Surges Past $33 Trillion


The US national debt is now over $33 trillion.


With such a huge debt load and interest rates being jacked up to feebly curb inflation, I don’t see how any of this is sustainable. How is the government going to be able to pay interest on the debt? The interest is going to be in the trillions with this rising interest rate environment that we have.

None of this seems mathematically sustainable. Maybe one of those Jew economist assholes on CNBC can explain how all of this is supposed to work.

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