Satanic Sadistic Pedophiles of the CIA Want You to Feel Sympathy For Them But Not Their Victims

CIA CLASSIFIED Projects: Torture & SEXUAL Trauma Are ALL Part of the Life of the Severely Abused Monarch Mind Controlled Slave-WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!!! – Brutal Proof

These are the Satanic Pedophiles who will benefit with relaxing laws against Pedophilia.


Here is a Deep State Operative trying to Make Us Feel Sorry For Pedophiles:

The Untold Story Behind The Sound of Freedom – Paul Hutchinson | Modern Wisdom 672


Don’t FALL FOR THIS SCAM.  The Sound of Freedom was a CABAL Created film from the Get go.

#1.  No mention of CIA involvement all over the world in child TRAFFICKING.

#2.  No mention of ADRENOCHROME LABS of the CIA.

#3.  No mention of Prosecuting the CIA for Nuremberg level Crimes Against Humanity.


#5.  No mention of all the Child Rape involved in Projects Monarch and MKULTRA.

#6.  No mention of Mass Graves of Murdered Children & Psychiatric Patients/Prison Inmates, etc. all over the U.S. and Canada Thanks to the CIA and Canadian Intelligence Agencies.

#7.  No mention of Children being used to Compromise Politicians for Benefit of the Dark Cabal Members.

#8.  No mention of Children Being Tortured to DEATH in Monarch/MKULTRA CIA/British Intelligence Projects.

#9.  No mention of the Ninth Circle Satanists Abusing Children like George Soros, (Hedge Fund Billionaire made by starving 3rd world people due to his currency warfare).

#10.  No mention of pedophiles such as Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Ring.  (Is anyone mentioning this besides me??)

Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances) – Brutal Proof

#11.  No mention that ALL BILLIONAIRES Use These Slaves For Sex, Orgies, to Compromise Politicians, to Murder, to Poison, to Drug Traffick, As Back Channels for Official Policy Agreements, as Spies, and for free labor on Intellectual Property, Inventions, Song Writing and any & all Creative Work.  Slaves are Unpaid.  These are CIA SLAVES.

MK-ULTRA | Satanic ritual abuse, Shock treatment, Mindfulness

Rockefeller Banksters Financed these slavery projects with the CIA.  The British Empire Exploits these slaves then arranges for them to have an early death.  The laws are corrupted “For National Security”  to cover up these crimes and the court trials of these slaves.  The Pink Pedophile Mafia Frontmen Who Appear to Run Our World financed by the Brutally Satanic Families Who Finance them Comprising the British Empire.  The Media is Owned by the British Empire.

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