Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances)

Hunter Biden & the Finger Lakes Region – Seneca Lake

fanofootball fanofootball3 days ago

  • McATVFinger Lakes System – A submarine base is located at Senaca Lake and there is a tunnel system there as well.  The Political Elite’s fav holiday destination because it is secluded & affluent.
  • McATV: Finger Lakes is the birthplace of Hunter Biden’s mother Neilia. 
  • Sonnenburg Mansion in the area was once the home of the founder of Citibank (before it became Citi) MCATV: – Another Biltmore?

  • The region is known to be a hotspot for both missing persons reports, and child sex trafficking

What the hell is this in the middle of Lake Seneca?

Comment: If you’re not a Chester the Molestor you Don’t Belong to This Club.

These children are missing today.
Hunter Biden & the Finger Lakes Region – Seneca Lake

  • The Maxwell Connection- Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley. By moving in “the same circles as her father” and vowing to “work only on things involving Israel,” Isabel Maxwell became a pivotal liaison for the entry of Israeli intelligence-linked tech firms into Silicon Valley with the help of Microsoft’s two co-founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

See McAllisterTV @UGETube

Hunter’s Hideous Laptop! Finger Lakes Child Trafficking! TUNNELS! DUMBS! .mp4

Comment[[[They]]] get off on Dark Energy. This is also another reason for the lockdowns.  [[[They]]] don’t want people congregating and having a good time (positive energy).

GW: That’s why we must do exactly the opposite of what [[[they]]] require right now.  If [[[they]]] require Dark Negative Energy, the we must Project as much positive energy & love as possible – like Brian Gerrish said the other day on Graham Moore’s Show when they touched on Christianity.  It’s Bonfire Night soon.  Light up that Fire Pit folks & shine your light into the darkness!  Even a well lit lamp will suffice.  We will be doing just that down here at ”Watch Under the Willows” – Remember Remember 5th November.  Although it was probably an early FF according to the latest whispers doing the rounds.

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