Covid Retrospective: Highly Recommended!

Episode 185: Covid Retrospective Part 2-The Fact Hunter (

Episode 185: Covid Retrospective Part 2

The Fact Hunter

Aug 17 2023 • 3 hrs 37 mins


In the second episode of this series, we listen to the damage that was done by the vaccine, the tyrannical mandates, “jab or job”, those who looked the other way, and those who should be held accountable.
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Show Notes:
States Get Creative Offering Covid Vaccine Incentives
Vaccine incentives: good or bad
COVID-19 Cases Dropping As States Offer Incentives For Vaccinations
Biden Announces New Covid Vaccine Incentives, Mandates For Federal Workers
Upstate Hospital Workers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate
Police officer quits over vaccine mandate: ‘I decided to turn in my badge so I can speak up’
Firefighters angry with NYC vaccine mandate
Houston Hospital Employees Are Fired Or Resign Over Vaccine Mandate
Vaccine Mandate: Citi Says Get a Shot or Get Fired
Fired Austal workers file suit over COVID 19 vaccine mandate
United Airlines CEO on firing hundreds of unvaccinated workers
Comedian Dana Carvey MOCKS Dr. Fauci
COVID-19 complications force vaccinated St. Pete woman to have double amputation
New Jersey man develops heart issues after 1st dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccines Linked To Heart Issue In Teens And Young Adults
Sudden death of 13 vaccinated senior citizens leads to worries
Thousands lining up for compensation, claiming the COVID vaccine made them sick
International excess deaths Dr. John Campbell
Dr. Fauci’s Long Criminal History
Anthony Fauci
The Mason Lab
Cory Mason,the%20mayor%20of%20Racine%2C%20Wisconsin.
Christopher E. Mason
Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking Walensky leaving as head of disgraced CDC after implementing disastrous pandemic policies that resulted in injuries and deaths for millions
Rochelle Walensky
Loren D. Walensky
Business Roundtable
Albert Bourla
Genesis Prize
Business Roundtable Non-Profit
Pfizer CEO, a medical monster whose products are killing children, says anyone who utters “disinformation” about COVID is a CRIMINAL
Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing
10-Minute Summary Of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s 3-Hour Washington D.C. COVID-19 Roundtable Meeting

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