John Bolton the Zionist neocon lunatic is mad that some NATO countries aren’t doing enough to support the corrupt Jewish regime in the Ukraine. He specifically singled out Germany, France and Turkey in an op-ed for not doing more.


Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has penned a scathing op-ed slamming several NATO members for their supposed reluctance to support Ukraine, singling out Germany, France and Türkiye while urging for “Western unity” against Russia.

Writing in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper on Monday, Bolton warned that “weakness” within the NATO bloc could allow Russian forces to prevail in the conflict still raging in Ukraine, arguing 2023 would be a “decisive” year for the West to prove “the strength of its resolve.”

“The real issue is Western unity and resolve. Neither is guaranteed,” he continued, pointing to what he said are fractures within the NATO bloc, beginning with Türkiye.

Should Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan be reelected later this year – which Bolton claimed would likely occur “through fraud” – the country’s NATO membership should be “at issue,” he said, lamenting the fact that “Russia’s commercial and military partners have not yet deserted it in its hour of need, sadly including Turkey.”

What the hell did Bolton expect was going to happen?

Europe relied on Russian energy and when they got dragged into this stupid war, they ended up destroying their economies making it difficult to justify this insanity to their peoples. They won’t be able to sustain this for much longer. They are running out of resources and their peoples are not on board with doing war against Russia so people in the Donbass can be subjected to anal propaganda.

Expecting Turkey to do anything is ridiculous. They don’t give a shit about the Ukraine and it is in their interest to maintain a good relationship with Russia.

This whole thing is falling apart. Bolton sounds like a man who is having a nervous meltdown who doesn’t know how to deal with this failing Jewish war project. This foolish old man should permanently retire and leave everyone the hell alone.