No Media Endorses Me B/C They are Afraid of My Content: CIA Satanic Pedophilia-This IS The Deep State

The Franklin Cover-Up

Of course, none of this sounds unfamiliar to those who know of CIA PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA.  I have been drugged, abducted, hypnotized, and raped by the goons at CIA.  So have my mother, my daughter, my friends, and every woman I have ever dated.

This is a heavily censored, redacted manuscript which really important torture -child abuse was edited out of but it proves what I am saying:

  • Mind Control exists
  • It is a CIA program
  • It is ongoing
  • Tons of Money Being Spent on It.
  • MKUltra exists to create super mind controlled assassins.
  • CIA keeps shredding documents in opposition to Congress who has wanted CIA records….Why?
  • CIA uses their Mind Controlled Assets and then Trashes Them

Page 99) Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King make very aggressive demands that Henry Vinson start providing them with underage boys to be sexually abused by their pedophile ring. “Spence and King finally demanded that I pluck destitute children off the streets of D.C. and deliver the children to them.” Vinson refuses and this causes a major falling out with Craig Spence.

This man I am sure but cannot prove it is a CIA ASS-et:

Most, if not all, child traffickers are baby rapers their own selves. Demonically infested sadistic terrorist.

Page 118) People who used to go to Craig Spence’s parties: Eric Sevareid, Ted Koppel, William Safire, Sen. John Glenn, Sen. Frank Murkowski, former ambassadors Robert Neumann, Elliot Richardson, James Lilly. Also, CIA director William Casey and John Mitchell, former Atty. General under Nixon. Being at Craig Spence’s parties is not exactly a badge of honor, it puts you on the “sexual weirdo” suspect list pronto.

Comment: All of America’s ICONS are sexual weirdos b/c their media is owned by the Child trafficking perverts/criminals and Americans are gullible people who believe every lie they’re told by their FAKE criminal run media. Americans are much like the Nazi German’s supporting Hitler and believing in their superiority…all a Khazar, ZIONIST LIE.

Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee…I Can Hear the Globalists Laughing Now.

Given the criminality of the Bush Family, it is neither surprising that George W. Bush raped Margie Schoedinger nor that CIA killed her for suing him.

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