#cumpanda: I Gave Many Boys Panda Eyes (Sadistic Pedophilia) CIA Pedophiles Never Prosecuted & They Think They’re Better Than You

I gave many boys panda eyes #cumpanda

Sadistic Paedos mentioned in these two books:

The Franklin Cover-Up

Comment: Seems all sadistic pedophiles are linked to the CIA. Think Herbert W. Bush , Sr., Jimmy Carter and Bill Day, Hollywood Photo Journalist linked to Marcheline Bertrand who was a heroin addict. I believe but cannot prove Angie Jolie is a heroin addict too. Heroin addicts become extremely thin.

Another surprise: former CIA Director William Casey was also a patron of Vinson’s escort service. According to Vinson: “William Casey started to phone me for gay escorts in 1986. Like Barney Frank, his preferred escort was an eighteen-year-old with minimal body hair and a slender swimmer’s physique. Although he requested that I provide him with underage escorts, I told him that I wouldn’t acquiesce to that request.” (p. 119)

Note CIA Director was a PAEDO!!!

There are a few names Vinson is unable to mention due to the fact that the records of his indictment are still sealed 25 years after the fact.

Comment: The sealed names I bet are Herbert the Pervert BUSH and Jimmy Carter both former presidents as the Mafia that owns us has to cover up their pedophilia from the public.

 More importantly, Henry’s book goes to great lengths on how our media is compromised and is beholden to the National Security State which crosses partisan party politics. 

Assistant US Attorney Strasser filed a memorandum with the court that recommended Vinson be sentenced above the statutory guidel

Van Susteren secured the DC Madam client Henry Vinson – with his list of high-level government officials, military personnel, and businessmen in Washington DC, that had patronized his prostitution ring, and paid with credit cards.

After becoming Vinson’s lawyer in the prostitution case,

Van Susteren went on to negotiate with the Department of Justice terms to keep the names of the high officials secret.

 Vinson also claims that he disclosed all of Spence and King’s nasty little secrets to the feds. “They spent about a week debriefing me, and I was very honest and cooperative with them—I told the feds that King and Spence were using children to blackmail politicians. I told them that Spence and King were affiliated with the CIA.”

His very good attorney is now a major TV anchor which is Greta Sustern’s reward for covering up the BIG Names! Following:

The MALE D.C. Madam somehow got himself a very good attorney.

Who can now be seen on Fox News UK, in her own hour long show,

FIVE times per week.

Page 11) FOX News star Greta Van Susteren was his lawyer. Either she was a s***y lawyer or she intentionally tanked Vinson’s case. She told him he would get probation, instead Vinson was slammed with a major sentence.

Page 86) Craig Spence’s plush Kalorama area townhome wired top to bottom with top of the line cameras and listening devices – all for sexual blackmail as many sex parties were held there.
Page 87) Military personnel and 30 people engaging in orgy at Craig Spence’s home. 3 star military general present at home.

82) Craig Spence plays a huge role in Henry Vinson’s life. Spence is portrayed as the perfect psychopath. CIA connections, money flowing in, cocaine addiction, his house videotaped for a blackmail operation. Spence was spending $20,000 per month on gay prostitutes, sometimes 3 times per day. He also loved sexual masochism in a very big way. And he would brag incessantly about his CIA contacts and the things he did for government.

83) Harry Vinson’s meeting with Craig Spence and the beyond notorious Lawrence E. King: “King then made a number of disclosures that I found to be absolutely bizarre. He revealed that he and Spence operated an interstate pedophile network that flew children from coast-to-coast.

King also discussed that he and Spence had a clientele of powerful pedophiles who actually took pleasure in murdering children. In fact, King seemed to be obsessed with the subject of murdering children. I sincerely thought that I was talking to a pair of psychotics on the run from a psychiatric hospital.”

This is the same Lawrence E. King who was a good friend of George Herbert Walker Bush and who literally sang the national anthem at the 1984 Republican national convention. As seen here: […]

Page 197) Henry Vinson believes that if his case had gone to trial without him accepting a plea bargain, that he would have been murdered in the 1980’s.

Comment: Our gov’t is nothing more than a sadistic gay mafia clusterfuck. For those Americans who don’t care and don’t want to know they are going after your jobs, your pensions and your freedoms. They will Fu_k You Too With a Big Green D__k!

Writing in VT, Mike Harris relates new 9/11 facts of which we were not aware. We have long known that nuclear weapons were used in New York, but the origins remained a mystery. To understand how the Jewish Mossad got hold of the weapons, one has to go back to the presidency of George Bush, Sr during which time he announced the decommissioning of many nuclear weapons, claiming that they were aging and irrelevant in a post Cold War world.

After he decommissioned the weapons, he sold them to the Jewish Mossad, who with US military and government traitors secreted them out of the country where they eventually wound up in South Africa for staging before importation back into the US.

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