Secrets of the CIA-Sex & Mind Connection Research Would Be Particularly Mesmerizing to The Degenerates Running & Working in the MKUltra Labs at the CIA But Cosmic Orgone Engineering that caused desert land to turn green with Prairie grass Was Part of His Research Too

Conclusion: If Wilhelm Reichs work had been used for good rather than CIA Ill we would have prosperity and a healthier, balanced society maybe even free of rapists.

The scientist Wilhelm Reich signed a five-year contract with the CIA at Rangeley, Maine in 1947. At the time the CIA was working on expanding mind control with their Nazi counterparts. Wilhelm Reich was particularly focused on the relationship between sexual energy and mind control. He was a good man who was led to believe he was working on de-programming people who had been programmed in the past.

Books by Wilhelm Reich:

The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety by [Wilhelm Reich, Marion Faber, Derek Jordan, Inge Jordan]
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy: The Brilliant Psychiatrist and His Revolutionary Theory of Life Energy by [Ola Raknes]
The Function of the Orgasm Book by Wilhelm Reich


This was Reich’s first published book in the United States, which he wrote specifically to introduce his work to an American audience. He summarizes his clinical and scientific work with the human organism over a period of twenty years from its roots in the Vienna Seminar on Sexology and his first contact with Sigmund Freud, to his laboratory experiments in Oslo which confirmed his orgasm theory and led to the discovery of a radiating biological energy, the orgone.

The discovery of orgone energy was the result of a consistent clinical investigation of the concept of “psychic energy,” at first in the realm of psychiatry. Experience has shown beyond any doubt that the knowledge of emotional functions of the biological energy is indispensable for the understanding of its physiological and physical functions. The biological emotions which govern the psychic processes are in themselves the immediate expression of a strictly physical energy, the cosmic orgone.

The Function of the Orgasm is an excellent presentation of the whole development of Reich’s work in its rapid progression from the realm of psychology into that of biology.

Pursuing Freud’s original energetic model of health and concept of libido, Reich came to see the libido as a form of life energy, and eventually coined a new term for this energy, orgone energy. He made the study of this energy his main focus for the last two decades of his life.


“No President, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow.”

Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
(from the Preface)

Wilhelm Reich’s final publication, Contact With Space contains the result of six years of intensive research and field work: a natural scientific account of and the basis of practical measures for combating the DOR emergency. This volume is an exposition of the newest developments in the technology of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, which involve the use of “Spacegun,” an extension of the cloudbuster made possible by the discovery of ORUR.

During Reich’s scientific expedition to southern Arizona (1954–1955)–which he documents in this book–it was Cosmic Orgone Engineering that caused desert land to turn green with prairie grass. Here Reich submits a natural scientific explanation of the metabolism of the Life Energy, a study which goes into the nature of primal vegetation, and the nature of dying or death of vegetation, i.e. desert development.

Nature being one, Contact With Space examines the new basic energetic facts brought into the open by the Oranur Experiment in terms of the various branches of science into which they ramify: biophysics, Oranur medicine, astrophysics, meteorology, chemistry and pre-atomic chemistry, space technology, man’s reactions to these events, etc. It also deals with the methods of the functional scientist.

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