The Rothschilds Play a HUGE Role in British Empire Crime Syndicate & They Intermarried With British Monarchy

RHC is the new brand & location for“History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” 
– Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) // From: “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
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*The House of Rothschild
(a 1934 film)
Mike King

In the legal field, there is a concept known as “Statement Against Interest,” aka “Admission Against Interest,” which simply means that any statement that a suspect or litigant makes against his own interest should be considered true, even if he has lied about other things. The logic behind “Statement Against Interest” is simple.

Example: A guilty suspect in a murder case insists that he is innocent. Under interrogation, he spins lies after lie after lie. However, during the course of his interrogation, he slips-up and reveals that he was listed as a beneficiary on the life insurance policy of the deceased. That’s a “Statement Against Interest” — therefore, you can 100% believe it!

With that logical concept in mind, your amateur legal scholar here would highly recommend the very revealing 1934 Hollywood film titled, “The House of Rothschild” – a movie produced by a Jewish Mogul (20th Century Pictures / Joseph Schenck) and starring several big name actors.

‘Statement Against Interest’ is really just another way of saying: “putting one’s foot in one’s mouth” – which is exactly what Zionist 20th Century Films did when the studio released “The House of Rothschild” — although, few people would have been astute enough to explore the intriguing story any further.In a nutshell, the film, although sympathetic to the Rothschild Crime Gang, essentially confirms the “conspiracy theory” ™ which students of The New World Order have long held in regard to that wretched clan of swindling mass murderers. It’s all there; the miserly Patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild establishing the Banking Empire, the conspiratorial business dealings, the Jewish ethno-centrism, the branching out of the five brothers to the Capitals of Europe, the war-profiteering, and European statesmen literally begging Nathan Rothschild for money to fight against Napoleon(who, by the way, had severely limited Jewish usury (here)).

1. Mayer Amschel Rothschild stacks his gold. // 2. He advises his 5 sons to branch out across Europe and fund future wars.

The 5 sons grow to dominate European finance.

European royals beg Nathan Rothschild for money to fight Napoleon. Rothschild’s conditions include a better position for the Jews of Europe after the war.

 1. “Sir” Evelyn Rothschild and wife Lynn with the Clintons. // 2. Still around today — getting fat off of interest while promoting Globalism. Even Rothschild’s buying-up of the London Stock Market at rock-bottom prices is depicted, although the film portrays it as the accidental byproduct of Rothschild’s effort to “save” the market from crashing – not the advance insider information which the cunning old greaseball had about the final outcome of the Battle of Waterloo — by way of his carrier pigeons (which the film hints at).

1. Nathan buys up the British Stock Market after receiving the first news about the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. Another historical account claims that he was actually present at the battle and rushed back to England as soon as he was sure of the outcome. // 2. It’s all explained in PLANET ROTHSCHILD, by yours truly (Banned by Amazon)


The Waterloo “libel” won’t go away because it’s true!
Although the Rothschilds are sympathetically portrayed as victims of “anti-Semitism” , it is still remarkable that this film which is, for the most part, historically accurate, was ever produced in Hollywood. It could never happen today! Perhaps because the public was even less aware of the Rothschild “conspiracy theory”  back then than they are today, so Hollywood must have felt safe in making the film.

There is one other amusing side-note about the movie. Boris Karloff, the legendary actor best known for his horrifying portrayal of Frankenstein’s Monster (1931), plays the role of an “anti-Semitic”  German (Prussian) Count named Ledrantz. It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that the normal-looking Karloff was deliberately made-up to resemble Frankenstein – a nasty little bit of “anti-Germanism” from a Jewish Hollywood that was already aiming to take down Hitler’s 1-year old regime.

 Karloff – Frankenstein’s Monster (1931) – Count Ledrantz (1934)The film is just 86 minutes long and, although a bit boring at times, makes for a very effective “Statement Against Interest” argumentative tool in convincing others that the power of the Rothschild Family is no “conspiracy theory” . Show the “normies” in your life this film, and then introduce them to the two-volume set (banned by Amazon), “Planet Rothschild.” That should make a powerful one-two “red-pill” punch.

The full film is linked here. But if you don’t have the time to watch it all now, have a look at the two minute trailer below. It tells enough.’S BANNED BOOKS


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Rothschilds & Royals at a Party.

Here is a Member of the CABAL:

Stephen King




He may not be a Rothschild or Royal but to be a Person of Influence You Must Be Loyal to the Cabal. Two More Cabal Members:

Comment: Angie Serves the Crime Syndicate but encouraging Americans to Want to INVADE other countries which the Empire then LOOTS and destroys leaving Millions Homeless and Dead.

Comment: The real story on Pitt & Jolie by French Quarter Bartenders is they didn’t want these two Back but were forced to serve them because they are famous. The comments were that Angie had the Filthiest Mouth swearing like a sailor and Brad Pitt was cheap. Basically if you’re not a slut in Hollywood you aren’t gonna make it. Making it in Hollywood means sleeping with everyone from fellow actors to Billionaires financing movies to directors, producers and sex orgies which Angie Admitted to Attending. The trashier, Satanic, and more you are willing to prostitute your kids the higher you’ll climb in Hollywood. Doesn’t hurt to have compromising videos on everyone at sex orgies as Angie Admits to having either.

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