My Peers ARE Drooling Low I.Q. Retards For Trusting in a Lying U.S. Media For Decades!

North Korea Warns Biden Over Hostile Statements

Comment: North Korea is backed by China (With superior manpower or on the ground soldiers) & Russia (with superior technology.) U.S. will be slaughtered!

By infostormer -May 2, 20217

Joe Biden and the Jews that control his strings are not content with behaving aggressively to just major powers like Russia and China. Biden has also issued provocative statements towards North Korea and this has prompted North Korea to respond by telling Biden that he will face a very grave situation.

I guess the Jews think they can wage a war against all these countries simultaneously with a military machine that is run increasingly by women, faggots and non-Whites. A military machine that relies totally on the US Dollar, a currency which is being inflated into oblivion.

It’s literal insanity.

What’s the reason for this level of aggression towards North Korea? It’s not even explained because they no longer have any excuse to justify it.

In the past they would say that North Korea is evil because there’s no freedom there or whatever. Well, they definitely can’t make that argument now because there is objectively far more freedom in China and North Korea than there is in the United States. Just look at all this gay ass virus hoax lockdown shit. People in America are being regularly punished and persecuted for their political beliefs.

This whole idea that America is fighting for freedom around the world has been exposed as a crazy and stupid lie. You’d have to be a drooling, low IQ retard to believe this fantasy at this point.

Comment: Nobody wants war except the war criminals who control the U.S. specifically the Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Zionist (actual & controlled) minions along with the ZIONIST British Royals and their so called Empire which includes all of the above along with the Satanic Netherland & Belgium Royals, Vatican & D.C., Wall Street With City of London Financial Centers.

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