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President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, left, met last week with former South Korean “sex slaves” at the presidential compound in Seoul.

NY Times:  South Korea Says It Won’t Scrap Sex Slaves Accord With Japan



Under the terms of a 2015 agreement — encouraged by Obongo for the purposes of smoothing over a vassal alliance between Japan and South Korea — Japan “apologized” and promised to pay $8.8 million to care for “survivors”  of the World War II “comfort women” ™ phenomenon. In spite of criticism by some Koreans that Japan got off too easy, the South Korean government has affirmed its support of the deal.


Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times understand very well the long litany of lies and omissions of the “official” World War II narrative. Though most of the content we have assembled on the subject deals with the European theater of the grand history-altering event; make no mistake — the tsunami of lies fed to us about Imperial Japan is just as breath-taking in its moronic mendacity as the tall tales spun about the big bad “Nazis” .


  • There is the big lie of “the Rape of Nanking” ™ — a case in which a handful of unintended civilian casualties was spun by both Chinese Communists and Nationalists into a deliberate genocide of 300,000 civilians.
  •  There is the big lie of “unprovoked surprise attack” on the U.S. military base at Pearl Harbor — a justified first strike that peace-seeking Japan was methodically maneuvered into to by FDR and the gang of demonic advisers surrounding him.
  •  There is the big lie of “the-Atom-Bombs-saved-lives-by-ending-the-war” — spun at a time when a collapsing Japan was actually trying to surrender!





Like those embedded myths, the “well-known” story of the Korean “comfort women” ™ – long said to have been forced into sex-slavery by the Japanese military – is not exactly accurate. According to an alternative historical account from an academically persecuted South Korean female researcher, Ms. Park Yu-ha, it is a lie.


From a 2015 Slimes article about Ms. Park’s work, and the trouble she got into because of it:

“In February, a South Korean court ordered Ms. Park’s book, “Comfort Women of the Empire,” redacted in 34 sections where it found her guilty of defaming former comfort women with false facts. Ms. Park is also on trial on the criminal charge of defaming the aging women, widely accepted here as an inviolable symbol of Korea’s suffering under colonial rule by Japan and its need for historical justice, and she is being sued for defamation by some of the women themselves.

The women have called for Ms. Park’s expulsion from Sejong University in Seoul, where she is a professor of Japanese literature. Other researchers say she is an apologist for Japan’s war crimes. On social media, she has been vilified as a “pro-Japanese traitor.”

Ah, yes. Silence the heretic! Then hang her for “treason”. Nothing strikes a raw nerve like a brazen bit of truth. The violent reaction against Ms. Park is alone evidence that she has stumbled onto some inconvenient truths. Welcome to the academic outcast club, sweetie.



1. According to the “traitor” Ms. Park, the conventional story of the “comfort women” is mostly war propaganda. 2. The women were prostitutes, pimped-out, in some cases, by their own families. 3. M S King was informed by Lulu.com last week that the printing-on-demand and sale of “The Bad War” has been terminated due to “community standards.” The book is again out of print. (Amazon had previously banned its printing and sale in March 2017)

Quoting Ms. Park:

“They do not want you to see other aspects of the comfort women,” the soft-spoken Ms. Park said during a recent interview at a quiet street-corner cafe run by one of her supporters. “If you do, they think you are diluting the issue, giving Japan indulgence.”

The main forbidden revelations of Ms. Park’s book are:

  • It was private profiteering pimps (both Korean & Japanese)not the Japanese government or military, that organized the prostitution operation that “serviced” Japanese soldiers.
  • Many of the prostitutes were willing participants.
  • There were also women who freely cavorted with and sometimes fell in love with Japanese soldiers.


Think about it — this revised history of the “comfort women”  makes perfect sense. For if prostitution is indeed “the world’s oldest profession” — then pimping the whores out for profit has got to be the second oldest. Like flies drawn to sidewalk excrement on a hot summer day, so too do pimps and prostitutes buzz towards a well-funded army of single men in their twenties. What is so bloody gosh-darn hard to believe about that?



1. “Me love you long time.”  — Scene from the film ‘Full Metal Jacket’ depicts Vietnamese prostitutes soliciting U.S. servicemen — a very common occurrence!  2. Real Vietnamese War prostitutes. The Vietnam War was great for business.


After writing about Ms. Park’s expose of the “comfort women”  back in 2015, an ANYT reader and veteran who was once stationed in South Korea, sent in the following testimonial about his own observation of the situation:


T.O. says:

“Yes, there were many comfort women in Seoul (South Korea) while I was there in 1966-7.  They weren’t typically  “pimped” by any organization; rather they most often were pimped by their families — who took most of the money they made and vilified them to their siblings.  Most of them turned tricks to support the rest of the family knowing that they were not allowed back into their homes. Unless they “hooked up” with a GI, many ended up committing suicide at some point since Korean men wouldn’t have them for anything other than —– (not appropriate for republishing) .”

Great first-person testimony, T.O. — one which nicely supports Ms. Parks research and which we will accept at face value.




 Boobus Americanus 1: I read an interesting article in the New York Times today. I was not aware that Japan is paying reparations to South Korean women that the Japanese Army forced into sex slavery during World War II.


Boobus Americanus 2: Like Germany, Japan should be commended for making amends for the sins of their grandfathers.





Sugar: Boobuss, you naive chump! Even in old age, these comfort whores are still husstlin’ for cassh!


Sugar: They are the Holohoaxers of the East.


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