Satanic Illuminati Cabal Members Push Kill Shot

Celebrities Call for Worldwide Vaccination at Vax Live Concert

By infostormer -May 3, 20212

Don’t want to get your COVID shot? Well, that means you aren’t cool like all these trendy celebrities who were at the Vax Live Concert. Awesome people like Jennifer Lopez, Harry, Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Penn were there. It was like the coolest thing ever!

Look at all the responsible people who were there wearing their masks. These people are true heroes and true citizens of the globe.

Harry had all sorts of great things to say as he preached for “vaccine equity.”

What a great event. This has totally changed my mind about these shots that alter my genetics. I think I’m going to get mine tomorrow. Harry convinced me with his brilliant speech.

Comment: Note the Sarcasm! Cabal members aka Hollywood Celebrities sell out for fame & money. They do what they are ordered to do by their Satanic Money Masters.

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