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Mitt Romney Booed Off Stage at Utah’s GOP Convention

By infostormer -May 2, 20214

Mitt Romney decided for some strange reason to show up at the Utah GOP Convention to give a speech. He was booed by pretty much everybody there.

He was called a traitor and a communist.

He’s most definitely a traitor and by betraying the base of the Republican Party he certainly enabled a Marxist takeover of the country.

But whatever you want to call Romney, he’s most definitely an evil piece of shit. Just look into his dealings at Bain Capital for a start.

This dumb spic cunt from CNN is defending him and attacking the people criticizing Romney for not representing their interests. She is claiming they’re part of a cult for disrespecting Mitt.

An employee of CNN would not be defending Romney if he wasn’t useful to their terrible agenda. That right there proves he’s no good.

Romney has also marched with BLM terrorists. Your basic GOP establishment shill would never even think of doing that.

The fact that someone like Romney has been allowed to have a prominent position in the so-called right-wing, just shows how broken this alleged system of democracy is. The system is beyond redemption and I hope it quickly collapses under the weight of its own corruption.

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