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Songs From a MKULTRA About Life as a MKULTRA

Israel is An Insane Asylum of Criminally Insane Terrorists Needing to Be Baker Acted and Institutionalized For Criminal Insanity For Their Own Good

Jews Destroy UNRWA’s Gaza Headquarters

We Have Open Borders Thanks to the UN Funding Our Open Borders and Our Own Politicians. Isn’t It Time to Exit the UN & Get Rid of These Politicians?

The Psychopathic ELITE Hostel even Says It is based on a true story: Hostel is a 2005 horror film written and directed by Eli Roth. It stars Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eyþór Guðjónsson, and Barbara Nedeljáková. It was produced by Mike Fleiss, Roth, and...

Our Life Beyond MKULTRA Whistleblower Describes Being Forced to Suck a Military Man’s Penis With a Gun to Her Head & Shows Picture of Major General Albert Stubblebine

Pictured Top Centre is Major General Albert Stubblebine.,%20Albert.pdf Major General Albert Stubblebine was evidently involved in Military Intelligence Mind Control programming slaves to suck his penis with a Gun to their Heads.  She...

Image of the Beast and Survival Driving-Jeff Rense With Mitchell Henderson,Invasion%20Of%20Earth Taken from Check out Mitchell Henderson’s talks on on Left Column.  Well Worth Your Time!!!

Satanist Bill Gates Paid Nigeria to FORCE VAXX on Innocent Citizens[0]=AZVv7RcwZVR3AcqHyFbQHQLzza5VlZoo2cbbd07xfSbFkx4MH1eligmr2X9s9LZoQDst8-Kxy4nufS8lHP4ZvhQkIPKdYopUah_WBBRSdlet9sZGc_gil1EPdoH_TEKxMl7ng4M8S5zGp3ZImodpmvt9BPWwaopHO95QL9aimFTtEtoGDkYFRIJqm4vjUd-b1WPKflepC5tNABc0iWXqJoYo&__tn__=H-R

WAR is the #1 Business in the United States & Politicians Get Rich Off of Wars as Do Their Donors & the British Empire They Work For[0]=AZXZ6dG1W0Q51MW6Oz70ZFcH8BlPrJ2CKXcjE1-LLinqRFJVrg8cDRt5KDg_7e4N8iK_BiPRMcdU5jW-IcFQTNg4N-FcYNGAZtBO298kfLOluaBV-xp8Pdo8fOC5y8YvRKyfD6l8EmPrW1kecbAIMXKWWY_CcYhpM9yXeoHdYF0vHnhroU4Qldp6F0Xuu4LKMAwWaqyd2tunmuRddT4PVrr7&__tn__=-UK-R