Excellent Documentary About the Weapons Trade Which The CIA Knows ALL About as That is One Way They Make Obscene Profits.

RT Gives Us the Truth About the Arms Trade

RT Gives Us the Truth About the Arms Trade

Paul Craig Roberts

Here is a newly released RT documentary of 54 minutes prepared by independent journalists in seven countries. The black market arms bazaar depends on the corporation and  participation of high level government and military officials in many countries.  

Most of the billions of dollars in weapons supplied to Ukraine by Washington and its UK and EU puppets never reached the Ukrainian soldiers.  They were diverted into the arms trade, supplying Hamas with the advanced weapons used in the October 7 attack on Israel.  Ukrainian government and military officials have become enormously rich.  For them, fighting Russia was an open road to membership in the financial elite.

If journalists can find this out, then surely so can the CIA and MI6, which implies the complicity of Western intelligence services in the black market arms trade.

Those dumbshit Americans and Europeans waving the Ukrainian flag were too stupid and propagandized to comprehend that they were celebrating the corrupt creation of massive gangster wealth and death and destruction all over the globe.

Here is the documentary.  It is very well done:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ep_LE-XFzpwSA0WPsAX8_q1f7vIPpDlW/view 

Everything the CIA does is ILLEGAL from their creation of MKULTRA assassins, prostituting children to politicians, arms and drug smuggling and trading, TORTURING MONARCH SLAVES, EVERYTHING the CIA does is ILLEGAL and their top CIA Directors are ALL Secret Society Knights of Malta, Skull ‘n Bones, Etc.  They answer to the Crime Syndicate otherwise known as the British Empire.  Oh and they train terrorists as well!  Feature picture is the typical torture of a Monarch Slave.

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