WHO & UN Work For British Empire-The Enemy of ALL Humanity


The next wave of terror unleashed on humanity by the WHO


The World Health Organization and the United Nations are two key players in the agenda for the submission of all of humanity to unprecedented tyranny. Their plans for mankind go far beyond the darkest nightmares of what anyone can even begin to imagine.

Behind their brilliant masks of proclaimed humanitarian goals hides something so nefarious that many fail to believe it. This cannot be. It’s impossible. There is no evil so horrible… is there?

In many previous reports, we have lifted the veil on their agendas for humanity. During the pandemic, we saw glimpses of their intensely dark plans:

the WHO conducted “trials” in which they deliberately murdered thousands of people by administering non-therapeutic, lethal doses of hydroxychloroquine. One third of all involved patients died, and this data was then used to sell humanity the lie that this drug should be banned from all countries for the treatment of C0VID.

While in reality, this proven and respected treatment saved the lives of millions worldwide who received the proper dosage.

The WHO also ordered all social media platforms to censor any and all truth about the pandemic – in particular, all information about working solutions, further hiding any life-saving answers from a suffering mankind. Thousands of scientists and physicians were silenced, resulting in the deliberate death of millions upon millions of people who could have easily been saved by one of the many effective treatments.

Furthermore, the WHO pushed the tremendously destructive lie that an experimental, unproven vaccine was the one thing that could end the pandemic, causing the death of even more millions of people and the permanent disability of hundreds of millions.

In addition, the WHO’s very launch of the pandemic was based on a fraudulent PCR test, whose own creator clearly stated its inability to accurately detect an infection, and which has been proven to produce up to 94% false positives. Countless perfectly healthy people were labeled as ‘cases’. This was the very foundation of the pandemic: millions and millions of false cases. Without this fraudulent PCR test there would have been no pandemic whatsoever.

The crimes against humanity committed by the WHO are indescribably horrendous.

They also mandated the lockdowns, which caused millions of additional deaths, as most people were not able to get urgently needed medical care. Meanwhile, substance and domestic abuse exploded, depression and suicide went through the roof, and millions of small businesses lost everything, while the monstrous mega-corporations were allowed to remain open, earning them billions of additional dollars.

The next worldwideonslaught on humanity


The World Health Organization has launched another major assault on humanity with their sexuality education curriculum being pushed in schools worldwide. Education authorities are being instructed to aggressively sexualize even the youngest of children, by teaching toddlers to masturbate, pushing them towards homosexual relationships, indoctrinating our defenseless little ones with devastating transgender madness, and encouraging children to use online pornography.

Their “justification” is that children of any age, starting from birth, are sexual beings who have the “human right” to have s*x.

The United Nations reinforces this insanity with the statement that the goal of sexuality education is to make sure that children have sexual partners and start with s*x as early as possible.

Along with the UN, the International Committee of Justices has issued documents to all judges worldwide, calling for the legalization of sexual conduct between adults and children.

Meanwhile, the media and political parties plea for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”.

Parents and children worldwide are crying out in personal videos about the horrors this is unleashing in their schools, where little children are taught all about oral s*x and are encouraged to engage in homosexual relationships with their classmates. In some schools, kids learn to masturbate one another, are exposed to naked adults, play all kinds of sexual games, and learn to have sexual intercourse.

Unspeakable destruction,worse than the pandemic


After the unspeakable terror unleashed on humanity by the WHO during the pandemic, this assault is their next wave of terrorism, unleashed upon a mostly ignorant humanity, who is set to fall into a depth of sexual depravity and devastation, the likes of which our world has never seen before.

The destruction this will cause in society is beyond comprehension, as every child will grow up being not just a vulnerable victim for every predator, but many are being mentally prepared to be predators themselves.

The horror this will cause worldwide is far worse than a pandemic, as this is not a temporary illness, but a permanent terror inflicted onto all of humanity, as the agenda is to program every single child worldwide with this pedophilia mindset.

Our report can preventthis nightmare


For the past months, I have been working on a report that reveals the evidence for this cruel agenda. Today this evidence report is released to the world in several languages. I invite all good people everywhere to have the courage to see this report and distribute it in your communities. It has the potential to prevent this worldwide operation, by alerting millions of parents, school directors, teachers, lawmakers, health authorities, etc.

As we have seen with the pandemic, the power of the WHO depends entirely on the total ignorance of the people.

This report can open the eyes of billions, because the evidence is so clearly presented and so overwhelmingly abundant that it can’t possibly be denied by any honest person. We have the ability to warn humanity before this extreme sexualization of children – and the normalization of pedophilia – becomes fully mainstream.

Please don’t dismiss thiscritical information.

Please have the courage to see the evidence in this report with your own eyes, using the button or the link below. Then please share this message far and wide.

If ever there was a time to stand up against evil and defend our world, it certainly is today.

David SorensenStopWorldControl.com



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