Redacted News: U.S. Backed COUP in Pakistan Backfires….U.S. States They Support Democratic Process LOL .. Hilarious!

Pakistan is on the verge of civil war following a U.S. backed coup. At this hour protesters have pushed passed the country’s official military residence and taken over an air base. Nearly 1,000 people have been arrested and at least 50 people have been killed according to the PTI political party.On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested after warning that the military was trying to assassinate him to stop him from campaigning. He was beaten up and dragged out of the courtroom by paramilitary forces. This prompted massive protests from his supporters. Today the Supreme Court ruled his arrest illegal and demanded he go free but sources say the military are ignoring those requests. The government called in the army to quell the protests and have used Internet jammers to stop protestors from using social media to communicate. Khan has been campaigning for re-election and is widely expected to win. He was ousted from office last year after a US-backed parliamentary coup.

Comment:  Time to shatter the CIA and put the heads of the CIA-At least 50 in prison for life because they all commit TREASON.  Time to have real Transparency on the CIA Monarch & MKULTRA projects!  Prosecutions Must Follow.  The British Monarchy & Empire WILL FALL but not fast enough to suit me.  CIA Serves British Empire which makes the CIA all Traitors at the top.

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