I Can Believe the Insanity of the WEF Psychopaths; I Can’t Believe the Insanity of Everyone Going Along With It


The insane plans of the World Economic Forum [Psychopaths]

Boys are labeled girls, people who own nothing are happy, everyone must be locked up in prison cities, wilderness areas must be closed off, nobody is allowed to think for themselves, everybody must eat fake food, elderly must kill themselves, … and a whole lot more madness. All for a “better world”.

Roman emperor

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum,in a straight jacket

Below is a list of some of the goals of the World Economic Forum, which are publicly discussed on their website, in their videos, books, and conferences. No matter how absolutely insane and ridiculous the following overview may sound, remember that all over the world every one of these items is being implemented already.

This is not some weird conspiracy theory, it is insane reality, in full swing worldwide.

These developments are part of the United Nations Agenda 21, the WEF Great Reset, WHO Agenda 2030, Build Back Better, the New World Order, the New Normal, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Rethinking Humanity, and so on. Most of these goals are described in the Global Goals For Sustainable Development, supposedly to create a “better world”. Although the words sound good, the real life implications of these goals are far from it.

It’s a lot of information, but the world must be warned. Please share far and wide. Sources for all this information can be found in the online version of this post (see the top and bottom of this email).

Global Goals


Make ongoing injections with highly toxic, potentially lethal, and DNA altering, nanotech injecting, undisclosed and untested substances the condition to partake in society, through vaccine passports, social point systems, and digital ID’s. Banking, internet, working, shopping, gathering, etc. should exclusively be available to those that are up to date with the umpteenth booster injection.


Base society on a social point system (I can’t use the actual term, or this email could be banned): citizens who behave perfectly, are rewarded with points. Those that step out of line, are punished with lower scores. Only with a required minimum number of points can you partake in society. Full behavioral control of the entire world population. This happens already in China, and the agenda is to export it to every other nation worldwide.


Limit human interaction as much as possible, by telling everyone to work, shop, school, gather, worship etc. online. Isolate humanity behind their devices where they are targeted 24/7 by the propaganda of the rulers. Below is a screenshot from a video of the World Economic Forum: instead of shopping in stores, everything will be delivered to your door. Human interaction must be limited by all means.



Govern the internet, so nothing but the prescribed narrative will be available to the world. Delete all the millions of posts, videos, and websites that criticize the mainstream narrative. We see this on a massive scale already, with the unprecedented censorship.


Install universal welfare, and don’t allow anyone to gather wealth. Being rich is a privilege for the elites. The peasants must be kept poor and dependent.


Seize all private property from all the citizens of the world. Everything must be rented from the elites: homes, cars, even clothes. Nobody may own anything. The goal is to ensure full dependency on the rulers. Below is a screenshot of a video by the WEF promoting this idea. Watch the video itself in the online version of this email, see link at top of email.



Decrease the number of small businesses through pandemic and climate lockdowns, and transfer wealth to mega corporations that are not required to cease operations. Push all of humanity to purchase all products and services from the elite’s mega corporations like Amazon.


Remove all personal rights from humanity under the guise of “we are in this together” and “the greater good”. Create hostility towards people standing up for their rights, by labeling them “selfish”. Create a herd mentality, where independently thinking individuals are singled out and attacked. Just do as you are told, to “help one another”.


Install a one world digital currency that will be controlled by those in power. Couple banking to vaccination status, so finances are exclusively accessible for those who are up to date with the umpteenth booster. Monitor what people do with their money, and limit their abilities to spend.


End the natural family by pushing the LGTBQA+ agenda. Make unnatural sexual relationships the norm, and healthy families “weird”. Normalize pedophilia. Promote every form of sexual perversion, as something we “must except”. This is called “inclusion”. Standing up for purity, holiness, healthy relationships, and happy families is labeled “hate speech”.


Lock the majority of humanity up in Smart Cities, where every breath is monitored, and every thought, feeling and dream is recorded. Nobody can exit the city without required vaccination status or social points.


Replace reality with digital illusions. Promote the virtual realm as being “better” than enjoying the real world. The Facebook parent company META has released the MetaVerse, as an alternative for real life. People can even have virtual children, which they can abandon when they are tired of taking care of them. The MetaVerse will offer relief to the suffering slaves inside Smart Cities.


Fill the world with billions of surveillance cameras, drones, drone bugs, and satellites with facial recognition that will monitor every move of every soul on earth 24/7 all in the name of “public safety”. Nobody may be allowed to go anywhere, do anything, or speak any word without the rulers agreeing to it.


End original humanity and make everyone a cyborg, that can be monitored and controlled from the cloud by artificial intelligence. Promote becoming a cyborg as the next step in the evolution of mankind, and highlight the superhuman abilities this will give everyone. Once everyone is a cyborg, and their brains are connected to the cloud and A.I., they will become the ultimate slaves. After having computer chips implanted, and injected nanotechnology inside your body, there will be no switch to turn it off. People will be prisoners of the digital control system worldwide.


Replace the majority of jobs with artificial intelligence. Doctors, lawyers, drivers, teachers, preachers, etc. can all easily be replaced by A.I. Humanity must be removed from as many tasks as possible, and made dependent entirely on artificial intelligence, which will become the dictator of all life on earth. Professor Yuval Harari, spokesperson of the United Nations and WEF, says humanity will completely be ruled by A.I.


Replace healthy grass-fed beef by synthetic lab-grown meat, genetically engineered insects, and heavily sprayed plant protein. Destroy the existing food supply, so humanity will become dependent on this new “food” supply.


Introduce early euthanasia when people no longer support the economy. Encourage all elderly to commit suicide, to make room for the next generation, so they will not become a “burden to the global economy”. Below is a screenshot from a video of the WEF, promoting this.


⚠️ Again: evidence for all these – and many more – insane goals of the World Economic Forum can be found in the online version of this email. See link at top or bottom of this email.

All these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the inhumane plans of the World Economic Forum. Their books, websites and conferences reveal much more, along the same lines. If humanity doesn’t open up their eyes, and rise up, this will all be implemented in the coming years.

To be continued…

What’s next?

In part 6 of the World Domination Series, you will see how this insane agenda is already being implemented all over the world. If you want to read the full series in one revealing post, then use the following link:


If you miss one of the 6 emails in this series, then look into your sp@m folder. You will find it in there.

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