Vladimir Putin Speaks as a Patriotic Russian; Too Bad U.S. “Leaders” Are Such Pervert Sell outs!

Comment :  The United States is run by a SADISTIC, Perverted, Lesbian & Gay MAFIA.  The crime mob’s CIA runs child prostitute/slaves to Politicians via Handlers such as Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie, Marcheline Bertrand, Bill Day, Herbert the Pervert Bush former Director of CIA & Child Torturer/Killer.  Hollywood is infested with Handlers.  Another Handler was Mark Phillips who was Cathy O’Brien’s Handler.  There are many more handlers such as Pasternak who is Kanye West’s handler.  The FBI Actually Covers Up the CIA Child Prostitution Crimes and Enables the CIA Child Molestors to Continue Their Activities.

What can you do to save the world from tyranny?

Helping hands

Dear Friends,

I know… it can be very disturbing to read about the plans for world domination, by the criminal elites. Reading our emails can sometimes feel like a nightmare. I understand that completely. But we cannot close our eyes to what is threatening our world. I simply have to make these emails, for two fundamental reasons:

1) inform those of you that don’t know this yet, so you will wake up and begin to resist this plan.

2) provide effective tools for those of you that are awake already, so you can inform others.

My question to you is therefore: please don’t ignore the information, but use it effectively, by sharing the emails, reports, videos, etc. far and wide.

We are in a world warof humanity against its oppressors,who enslave us for their own enrichment.

Those that need to be involved in this war, are all normal people like you and me. There are also higher powers working, to save the world. But one of their main objectives is to activate you and me:


This is not a war where we can stand aside, observe and hope for the best. That’s what the criminal elites count on: people acting as lazy, selfish consumers, who don’t do any effort themselves. People waiting for other to do the work. That attitude is what empowers the cabal, it’s what they are counting on: you doing nothing.

What defeats them however,is people who rise up, and share truth,to inform the world around them.

You have to understand this fundamental key principle:

every operation of these tyrants depends on ONE SINGLE THING:

the ignorance of the people.

Read that again, so it really sinks in:

Every operation of these tyrantsdepends on one single thing:the ignorance of the people.

The moment people know what is going on, they will no longer play the game, and then it’s game over for the tyrants.

I also need to say that again, to make it really hit home:

The moment people know what is going on, they will no longer play the game, and then it’s game over for the tyrants.

That’s why our main activity should be to spread the truth and inform as many people as possible.

People worldwide cry out for a way out of this crisis, but… most of them refuse to do anything themselves. Please don’t be like that.

Yes, there are good forces working for us, in the military, politics, alternative media, etc. Yes, there are spiritual powers fighting for us, to defeat darkness. But both of these realms have the same message to humanity:


Take back your life.

Take back your children.

Take back your finances.

Take back your world.

Take back your rights.


Don’t be a dumb sheep, that is led to the slaughter. Become a wise, courageous and caring human being who says “NO!” to tyrants, and “YES!” to humanity.

Your involvement is critical. It really is. Don’t be a bystander, but use the tools that Stop World Control provides you with: our emails, videos, reports, website, flyers, memes, etc.

You simply have to see this incredible website!


If you haven’t visited our homepage yet, then I invite you to have a look. You will be impressed with the unique abundance of information that is presented there, unlike any other website in the world.


Use this link to go this eye opening homepage:


And if you can, then please support us.

We need to rise up, all of us, and do what we can.

This is a war of THE PEOPLE against TYRANTS.

We will overcome, but we must all do our part.

Don’t waste your time, funds and life.

Use it for good.

David SorensenStopWorldControl.com

Please support our critical work

Help us bring truth in this world. Once humanity knows what is really going on, the agenda of the criminals fails. Your support helps us more than you can imagine. Thank you so much!

David Sorensen

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