Chinese Journalist Exposes Zionist Media Controlling America

Chinese Journalist Exposes Powerful Jews Controlling America

By infostormer -May 23, 20212

A Chinese journalist named Zheng Junfeng on China’s state TV network, recently exposed how there are wealthy Jews in America controlling its powerful institutions. He also exposed the entangling political connections between the United States and Israel.

I would argue that it is Jews and Israel controlling the United States and not the other way around as he implies, but his overall assessment of the situation is accurate. There are powerful Jews in the United States that are advancing agendas for the direct benefit of Jews and Israel. This is an obvious and verifiable fact and it is interesting to see that this truth is being openly talked about in China.

Considering that China is greenlighting this type of material just illustrates how absurd it is to believe that Joe Biden is a puppet of China. Biden works for the powerful Jews in America who have subverted our system. His entire regime is filled with Jews and they are pushing all sorts of anti-China propaganda. Biden would not be doing these things if he was working for Xi Jinping.

China is not playing ball with the ZOG system and that’s why we see ZOG acting aggressive towards them. Any person of average intelligence should be able to see this, but lots of people on the right-wing just can’t connect the dots. If you support war against China, you are supporting the people who have subverted America.

Comment: Michael Hastings was murdered by the criminals that control this country and don’t want their corruption exposed.


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