Doomsday Georgia Stones Monument to CABAL SATANIC GOALS; Bill Gates is Cabal Member

Tear Down Doomsday Stonehenge in Georgia!

They need to be torn down NOW!!!!. Just like the evil ideas they represent.

In Elberton County, Georgia, this set of “death” stones called the Georgia Guidestones were put there in 1979,
with a set of ten guidelines, in eight modern languages and carved onto the slabs.

The carved doomsday stones call for the death of 80% of the human population of the world to bemaintained at 500 million, not the current 7 billion. Any guesses which of today’s well known eugenicists
designed, paid for and erected this genocidal monstrosity?
Does anyone have the balls to organize and have it blown to smitherenes??? That’s a good start at
combating the tyrannical agenda that’s being foisted on the world!

The Georgia Guidestones were vandalized again. Nice work.

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