Pfizer Gives Details on Payments to Doctors: $13,000 For COVID Dx and $39,000 For Putting Patients on Vents

November 12, 2021: What’s Next—a Pitcher of Ice Water? [videos]by Starship Earth: The Big PictureGuess what—it’s flu season—and the psychopaths and their bought-off minions are going to take full advantage. Will the People comply AGAIN after working so hard to oppose and deny the false claims and fake tests?The Ice Bucket Challenge seems to have done little to shock the world awake. Many rolled over and went back to sleep.Stop testing, I say!!! It’s ludicrous. They’ve convinced people that even if they have no symptoms, they’re still sick—and contagious!!!JUST IN – Norway to reintroduce its coronavirus “health pass” after lifting all restrictions in late September.— (@disclosetv) November 12, 2021Around 85% of the adult Dutch population have been fully vaccinated against #COVID19. Cases rose yesterday in the Netherlands to a record high of more than 16,000.— (@disclosetv) November 12, 2021And this “co-ordinated” effort was announced on the same day. What a coincidence!JUST IN – Austria to impose nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated population, Chancellor Schallenberg announces amid “sharply rising infection rates”.— (@disclosetv) November 12, 2021We KNOW the scamdemic is a hoax and none of the tyrannical edicts of the control freaks to keep it going will work. It’s being exposed left and right. Just before retiring last night I saw this Telegram from Kanekoa the Great referencing an article in the New York Times.Pfizer Gives Details on Payments to DoctorsIf Pfizer admitted in 2010 that it was paying kickbacks to 4,500 doctors, scientists, and medical professionals…How many do you think Pfizer owns today❓How many of these television doctors and twitter scientists are paid by Pfizer❓’s no question that all kinds of people were paid off to go along with the fake pandemic. We had a Russian diplomat come forward and tell us how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they offered him—which he refused, and we know how much hospitals were paid to scam Medicaid in the US.No doubt other countries had similar agreements, and we won’t get into the Midazolam, Remdesivir, and other drugs used to euthanize the sick in this post as we’ve covered it recently.Hospital administrators agreed to $5,000 to admit patients with a diagnosis of “pneumonia” on their chart.They got $13,000 to confirm patients had Covid-19 through the fraudulent PCR tests.They got $39,000 for each patient they put on a respirator—whether they needed one or not.

The respirators killed a lot of people because as an emergency doctor in New York City told us in the very beginning, if they had pneumonia and they suddenly put them on a respirator with lungs in such a delicate condition it basically “blew up” their lung tissue and killed them.

This is not a case of some new [novel] virus sweeping the planet with no known cure; it was planned genocide—and we quickly learned of MANY inexpensive products that were in long-term use and worked really fast and kept people out of hospitals entirely. The word is spreading and many people are using Hydroxychloroquine, Quercitin, Budesonide, Regeneron, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a few others in more severe cases to address inflammation, etc. But truthfully, almost no one has died from the “Wu Flu”. They died from other things—as they do every single day and always have.

When will people get it?

Our antibody cocktail was approved in the EU for the treatment of certain non-hospitalized #COVID19 patients and to prevent infection.

— Regeneron (@Regeneron) November 12, 2021

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