Child Rapists Laugh, Boast & Brag About Their Vile Crimes-Where’s the Media? This Needs to Be Looked Into…Conspiracy But Needs Proof

“Raccoon eye is produced by blood tracking into periorbital tissues, causing blue or purple discoloration of the upper and lower eyelids, which is a frequent symptom after traumatic injuries to the head and neck.”

“Raccoon eyes are generally believed to be a common symptom of basal skull fractures. However, it may be a sign of some health-threatening situations such as amyloidosis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, multiple myeloma, and neuroblastoma. In this case, we present an infant with the final diagnosis of neuroblastoma (tumor of the brain).”

Comment: This is all true but I personally believe Panda eyes could also be the result of violent pedophilia which involves sadistic physical abuse and trauma.

I gave many boys panda eyes. #cumpanda

Comment: Why I say it needs proof: Right now I don’t see absolute proof but know sadistic paedophiles who like raping, beating and murdering children do exist. It’s well documented in The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp and Confessions of a D.C. Madam by Vinson and totally on the internet.

Forensic sexual assault examiner Kimberly A. Basinger, RN, told Lead Stories, “I take care of child victims before court and I am called to testify in court. I have never seen this type of eye discoloration related to sodomy.” Basinger, despite practising since 1996 and seeing close to 800 sexually abused children, had not heard the term “panda eyes” before speaking with Lead Stories. She adds:

Comment: Kim Basinger A Lister IS on the cabal payroll. Maybe she hasn’t dealt with child torture victims or Sadistic pedophiles?  She is paid to go along to get along and keep her mouth shut.   Child Traffickers control Hollywood and work for the British Empire.  The Biggest Child Traffickers are the CIA and the CIA has iron clad control over Hollywood and the Media, Politicians & Presidents…any person of influence.   Period.,The%20Pedophile%20Director%20Embraced%20by%20Hollywood,movie%20Clownhouse.%20He%20was%20convicted%20and%20served%20a%20measly%2015%20…,-Gabon%27s%20FA%20suspends

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