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U.S. Fights For the British Nation of Which Israel Was Created By and is a Part of; U.S. Fights on the Wrong Side of EVERY War!

U.S. Fights Wars for the Synagogue of Satan.  It is true and it couldn’t be any worse than it is!  Here are the terrorists supporting Israel’s SLAUGHTER of innocent children.

Ukraine Has a Kill List and It’s Own People Are on the Top of This List; Ukraine Has a Depopulation Agenda For Native Christian Ukrainians

US May Supply Missiles to Kiev Capable of Hitting Crimea US Vetoes Another Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

Heart cells Have to Work 47% HARDER Leading to Dying Suddenly or Heart Failure

Secret Societies Have LONG PLANNED THIS Invasion and Chinese Politicians Are Directed by the Jewish Such as Kissinger and Work With Biden Comment:  America’s Secret Societies work with the Satanic British Empire and indeed are a part of this Satanic Cabal.  They HATE Us All and Especially Want All Americans DEAD!

Another Political Prostitute Paying Homage to the Evil, Vicious Crime Syndicate

Ted Cruz Whines About Anti-Israel Protesters at His House