Stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty!!! Socially Engineering All Humanity Into World Wide SLAVERY!

STOP THE W.H.O. PANDEMIC TREATY !! If the WHO Pandemic Treaty is accepted worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) will have the authority to enforce a mandatory public health response on all its member countries including Australia!!!
The WHO will have authority to:
•Declare a worldwide Pandemic without presenting any evidence of a virus or mass
deaths (just like Covid-1984)
•Force all countries to lockdown indefinitely
•Force mass PCR testing
•Force wearing of face masks
•Force medical examinations
•Require travel passes / vaccine passports
•Restrict travel
•Censor scientific debate
•Enforce mandatory vaccination and booster
shots for all citizens
The Public Health Emergencies need not be real or established; the WHO need only
decide there could be a POSSIBLE risk to public health to trigger response
measures. The treaty could also be used to initiate “Climate lockdowns”.
Please contact your state and federal representatives and tell them we free citizens
of Australia do NOT approve of these draconian laws masquerading as “health
care”. We only have until May 2024 to stop this treaty from becoming law!
For more information about the WHO Pandemic Treaty visit these websites:
Stand Up Now Australia
Australia Exits the WHO
Please find flyer attached for distribution

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