The LIE Factory (Media) Promoted a Kill Injection; What Are We Going to Do About This?

Why Do You Trust Those Who Lie To You?

The Hard Evidence Is In:  The Covid “vaccine” Is a Killer

Comment:  The Satanic Bill Gates who consults with the blatant Satanist Marina Abramovic (both Jewish Synagogue of Satan members) pushed this killer vaccine onto children.  Is anyone going to rise up against the massive KILLING OF CHILDREN?  or is America just going to continue with the Very British Empire Depopulation Agenda against their own children?  The British Empire loves Murderers, Rapists,  Sadistic Child Molesters and Politicians that are Sadistic Child Molestors as well as TERRORISTS.  Bill Gates has been Knighted by the Jewish Satanic Crown.  What the British Monarchy & Empire hate are Dissidents, Activists, Humanitarians and Christians.  Whose side are you on?  The Choice is on now while we still have a choice.  The British Empire operates through their owned Media.  Soon we will no longer have choices if we don’t act now.  The British Empire CREATED Israel and runs the U.S. thru its’ Intelligence Agencies which work within the United States alongside the CIA.  The Rockefellers basically own the Medical Industry and the Rothschilds own Big Pharma.  They are both Families within the British Empire Evil Empire.

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