The Racist Witch Hunt & Conviction of Derek Chauvin Means There Will Be NO JUSTICE For Anyone. The Police Are Being Taken Down By the Secret Society Globalists & Soros is Their Bag Man.

The Conviction of Derek Chauvin was one of the worst travesties of justice in American history

Comment:  First our lying ZIONIST JEWISH Media convicted Chauvin and the Jewish owned Judges & Courts did the rest.  This is a HUGE Travesty of Justice and Chauvin has been wrongfully and Brutally attacked in prison.  The Jewish Mafia Syndicate which owns our Media, Courts, Judges and Politicians also has its tentacles in the Prison Industrial Complex with Paid Operative-Assassins within the Prison System.  Chauvin was convicted based on his race by a bunch of Racist Blacks who are equally corrupt as they are racist.  They should never be in the positions they hold but I believe the Satanocracy controlling America purposely promoted all these racists into these positions so they could persecute White Christians.  They want to take down the Police , for crime to be out of control to then push their New World Order under the Mantra of Combatting Crime.

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