Australia is Run By Satanic Thugs & Pedophiles of Secret Societies


Deborah Robinson v The Crown Lismore District Court Trial case # 2017/335254 Court opens 9.30am. No video link to these court proceedings. The public welcome to come to the court in person. The phone number listed in a prior comment for the Lismore Court is a generic NSW courts number and was answered within 7mins this morning. The helpful person who answered the phone became a little edgy after he found the trail details on his computer (possibly with an alert) and proceeded to ask me what my interest in the trail was. I let him know I was a curious member of the public and all went well.


Comment:  Note she is being prosecuted by The Crown District Court which is part of the British Empire I kid you not!

Pedophiles in Government?

Unknown to most Australians, former prime minister John Howard enacted a 90 year suppression order to prevent the names of 28 high ranking people in Australia from being leaked to the public. These names, including prominent figures like judges and a former prime minister, are on a list of suspected pedophiles held by the Australian Federal Police.

Senator Bill Heffernan said the list of 28 people formed part of police documents that had been signed off by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s. Senator Heffernan requested the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse investigate this list, as they rightly should have. This commission has the power to look at abuse that occurs in an institutional context, in “any public or private body, agency, association, club, institution, organisation or other entity or group of entities of any kind (whether incorporated or unincorporated)”.

However, in December of 2017, the ‘Commission’ released it’s final report, but where is the investigation into the government corruption? Where are the arrests of the pedophiles named in that document? The problem is, it’s like the fox guarding the hen house. Paraphrasing Heffernan, “they are keeping each others secrets.”

So it’s up to us, the Australian public to expose this cover up and demand the suppression order is released.

Watch two short clips, firstly of channel 9 reporting the initial disclosure, then watch Senator Heffernan speaking to the senate.

Senator Bill Heffernan – Statement to Senate Estimates, Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee regarding the findings of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service 1995-1997, Paedophile Inquiry

Senator Heffernan asserted that this list of names had been seen by every Attorney General from Phillip Ruddock until the present day (in 2015) and these are:

• Phillip Ruddock Liberal Party of Australia 2003 – 2007
• Robert McClelland Australian Labor Party 2007 – 2011
• Nicola Roxon Australian Labor Party 2011 – 2013
• Mark Dreyfus QC Australian Labor Party 2013
• Senator George Brandis QC Liberal National 2013 – 2017

The list has been seen by police, every single Attorney General, the Royal Commission committee, along with many other people since it was first brought into the light. These people are supposed to be following the law, in support of the Australian public.

Did you vote for a paedophile?

If we cannot trust our government to follow the law or arrest the criminals and abide by the will of the people, THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

Remember, silence is consent.
Any member of parliament that does not speak out against this criminal suppression, AGREES with it!
It is time to get the suppression order lifted and throw these criminals into jail. 
Help us take back our country.

Actions to take…

  1. It’s time to join the movement, a movement to take back the country. Go to the community connection link and decide which way best suits you to fight. Click Here.
  2. Sign the Australia One Petition, find a local representative and sign the disclosure petition. Use social media or sign up on A1’s site to be put in touch with someone to find out more information. Click Here.
  3. Contact your local MPs for state and federal electorates and ask them to put pressure and demand the suppression order is lifted. It is your right to ask for the law to be carried out. Remember, these people are PUBLIC SERVANTS, they work for you and are paid by your tax dollars. To find out who you need to contact in your area, you can follow this article to find out.
  4. Organize local petitions yourself, speak to local childcare centres, teachers at the schools where your children are, speak to your friends and family and ensure that NOBODY EVER votes for a major political party again. Remember, any member of parliament that is sitting, unless they are ‘calling out’ the criminals, THEY ARE ONE!


  5. The actual Hansard record of Bill Heffernan’s statement, page 80. Download here
  6. Royal Commission into the NSW Police Force: The Pedophile Inquiry, pages 17-22. Download here

NSW Attorney General – Release Deborah Robinson from Custody

July 1, 2019
Petition to
Mark Speakmann

Why this petition matters

Started by Tracey Singer

Deborah Robinson was jailed on 20 June 2019 for failure to appear, and failure to report to police. However, she had done both.

This is making it hard for her to appear anywhere now, to defend vexatious charges bought against her by NSW Police, in an attempt to cover up a real crime committed against Deborah Robinson.

Mrs Robinson, who as a school teacher, made a mandatory report to DOC’s about a sexually abusive drug dealing parent.

The state of NSW appears determined to punish her for making that report.

We cannot disclose any of the details of those matters, so as not to affect the hearings, or be in breach of legislation preventing these events from being aired in public.

Mrs Robinson, has suffered seizures for all of her life. Since being jailed she has been experiencing those on a regular basis. She was hospitalized at the outset of her incarceration, and now has been rushed to hospital again today from the detention centre.

She has been put into a medically induced coma.

We the People demand that Mrs Deborah Irene Robinson be released from jail, as soon as that can be arranged.

If the state wishes to continue this witch hunt against this woman through the court system, then allow her to rest up at home and recover physically and mentally first.

Please arrange for an ankle bracelet and home detention for Mrs Robinson, if not her immediate release from the custody arrangements imposed on her by the Parramatta District Court and enforced by NSW Police.

Signatures: 642Next Goal: 1,000
Support now
Thanks to your support this petition has a chance at winning! We only need 358 more signatures to reach the next goal – can you help?

Take the next step!

Start a petition of your own
This petition starter stood up and took action. Will you do the same?


  • Mark Speakmann and Parramatta District Court Ignored This Petition
    A link to this petition showing the number of signatories and comments was emailed to the NSW Attorney General Mark Speakmann, MP and to the registry of the Parramatta District Court, prior to Debs last hearing. Both chose to ignore its contents and the will of the people, and both chose to not show any mercy to Deborah Robinson. The court has listed her trial for 11 November 2019, and intends to keep her in jail until that time. It has scheduled a health check for her, but that is not listed to occur until late September. It turns out that the main reason Deborah had to be put into a medically induced coma recently, was because staff at the jail had not been providing her with the medication she takes to prevent seizures. They have since started to comply with that medical requirement. Her children have not seen their mother for weeks. Can you imagine their distress, knowing where she is and not understanding why? Deborah has now lodged an application for a bail hearing at the NSW Supreme Court. That should be listed for hearing in early August 2019. Lets get some more signatures before then, and show our disgust and outrage at how the state of NSW is treating this, and other whistle blowers. The state of NSW is guilty of abuse of power, and unconscionable abuse of yet another one of its citizens.

    Tracey Singer
    4 years ago

Reasons for signing

  • Andrea luscombe·4 years ago
    The truth regarding children being sexually abused needs to be told telling the truth now gets you victimised


May be an image of text that says 'Convoy to Lismore NSW Primary School Dance teacher whistleblower faces 33 years in prison for mandatory reporting on an organised pedo ring involving prominent people. She needs support at her trial. TUESDAY 3RD OCTOBER -15 OCTOBER LISMORE COURT HOUSE 9:30AM SUPPORT THE HERO'S WHO ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN. Deborahs story part1 Deborahs story part 2'

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