Kim Jong Un just finished meeting with Vladimir Putin. Here are some tweets showing and describing what happened.




They basically vowed to stand against the evil ZOG beast machine and would be cooperating against it.

Details on what was agreed upon was not made public, but we can assume that there was some type of arms agreement made. We might even see some sort of joint military drills take place.

I fully support this cooperation between the two countries. It is good to see that the talks went well.

Comment:  Nobody gives a fuck what the U.S. leadership says b/c everyone sees this country going down, down, down.  The British Empire with the U.S. as their Military Thug is EVIL.  No one wants to put up with Anymore shit.  The only way the American people are going to survive their own gov’t is with Russia & China’s help.  As the American people are HATED all around the world for supporting pure evil (mass murder of children) I have a feeling the help will be very condescending.  The American-Anglo-Dutch Empire’s terrorizing everybody on the planet’s days are numbered.  Pictured is a child victim of our Foreign Policy.